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Aug 2014 22

“The Answers Within”

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Answers Within

Sometimes we human beings over externalize ourselves in the search for meaning in life. We often believe that the answers to life’s most perplexing problems lie way beyond us, far outside us, so that we are ever seeking the sources of our personal truths in far away places. Sometimes we go on the journey and […]

Aug 2014 21

Too Many Tears!

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Too Many Tears

The tears keep coming; the tears of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, boyfriends and girlfriends and other friends which have no end. We see it too often. The grim, solemn processions of everyday people filing past the caskets of their beloved children gunned down in broad daylight on […]

Aug 2014 21

“Some Paradoxes of Modern Institutionalism”

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Christian Institutionalism

An institution indeed has value when it gifts the community it serves. The hallmarks of institutions are the organization and dispensation of power, the development and use of organizational structures which harness human capital and galvanize material resources to realize goals and objectives for the common good and the betterment of society. It is the […]

Aug 2014 13

At Least Two Sides to Every Story

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Dog Attack

There are two sides to every story. Some people hear only one side and run with it. They believe the one side they have heard and don’t stop to think that, perhaps, there is another point of view that should be considered before rendering a final judgment. I have learned while working with people in […]

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