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“A System of Checks and Balances?”

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We keep hearing about a political system of checks and balances. Whose balancing the checks and who’s checking the balances?

A politician once said that he wanted to keep getting checks to increase his balances.

Another said that he wanted to keep checking his balances to keep up with his checks.

Whether some politicians keep getting their checks to maintain their balances or keep checking their balances to maintain their checks, our political system is terribly out of balance and needs to be checked wouldn’t you say? Check it out!

This is a problem with our system and until we get money out of politics it will be more of the same stuff. I am being polite here.

“He who pays the fiddlers always calls the tunes” and too many of our representatives are fiddlin with corporate money and letting them call all the tunes. Simply put they have been bought off and sold out by large corporations. Many of them have been paid to look the other way and just don’t have a clue about the real needs of the American people and the future of American democracy.  Any time you allow large corporations and their lobbyists write the political policy legislation that gives them the whole commode, the stall and all the tissue paper, while the little guy can’t even get into the room to do his business, the idea of checks and balances is pure poppycock. Forgive the crude analogy.

Their motto is live for today for tomorrow we will all be on Mars. Live for today for tomorrow we will all be living on Space Station Whodat. Live for today for tomorrow we will all be in the Caymen Islands. Just live right now and get all you can get while the gettting gets good and the “got” gets gone.

The mantra of some of these folks is get all the money you can, whenever you can, from as many people you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, as long as ever you can, while hurting as many people you can, as long as you can sit on your can until the tiny people can finallly remove you from office.

Their motto is let the whole of American Democracy go into the poor house while we stay in the big house.

Let the whole thing fall down as long as there is nothing left for them. “Them” meaning us, the little people.

Who’s checking the balances and who’s balancing the checks? Why do we keep robbing Peter to pay Paul and can’t find Peter? Who’s checking the people who are writing the checks and who’s balancing the checks that are “writing” the people.

Who’s checking the folks who should be giving us a balanced democracy where some of the little people win some of time and a few of the big people don’t win all of the time?

If we keep going in this direction there will be little or nothing left to check or balance.  Democracy will be gone. All the money will be gone. The big people will have all checked out to Pluto and the little people will be left with what’s left on earth, which will be neither a balance or a check or a pot or a window.

Wow. It’s late and I’m tired. Whoa! I been writing so long I forgot to check my balances and balance my checks today. I need to check my account.

We all know that money talks don’t we? Yeah! It usually says, “Goodbye!”

“Honey, have you seen my checkbook?”

2 responses to ““A System of Checks and Balances?””

  1. Dorothy Merchant Avatar
    Dorothy Merchant

    Dr Stewart
    How humorous but vital your talk of prudence
    amidst our economic and political nonsence
    Although we may not have a pot or a sixpence
    your sanity, like gold, makes us rich
    and that’s intense…

    Time read
    Well spent
    We applaud
    your intent

    1. cfstewart Avatar

      Some of my writing is sprinkled with humor and satire. It is also part of my creative side.

      thank you


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