Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

Writings on Democracy, Social Justice, and Religion

“Amazing People.”

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I have met so many amazing people in my life and I am grateful for the many lessons I have learned from them. The gifts and blessings of the encounters have more to do with their beautiful caring and compassionate hearts, their fresh openness to new ideas and their honest refusal to judge, condemn or rudely dismiss people because their views are different from their own.

I am glad to have met such people along this way. I am always eager to engage conversations with people who will take me to familiar places and unknown places where I can think deeply and softly and appreciate the vast universe of knowledge, the infinite thoroughfares of thought and the fresh flourishing of ideas and insights which inspirit the mind, forge common human bonds, renew the soul and make more tender the heart.

I am ecstatic in still meeting such people who are ecstatic in meeting such people.

Such persons are not uncomfortable with long silences in conversation.

They live beyond the grail of belligerent intolerance.

They listen and learn and are not biased to truths that come from other sources.

They love the music and dances and cultures of life.

They don’t insist that their way is always the way.

They are comfortable with other world, cultural, political, and religious points of view and can co-exist with them without shame or fear.

They are free to listen and learn something new and are not threatened by others who share with freedom their thoughts and feelings.

They are not bound or constrained by the messengers or the messages but listen to learn and learn to listen.

I am always amazed by such people. There is something healing in their presence, something quieting in their spirits, something resonant in their hearts and souls.

The world needs more of them.

We need to become more of them so the world can heal and people can live and breathe and feel and see and share more of themselves in this world without fear of being who they truly are and living in truth and love and all goodness which truly would be amazing.



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