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“America You Go Girls!”

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The pendulums of justice and freedom are swinging back to their rightful places for all the people of America.

The 2018 midterm elections is a referendum on what most Americans want their country to be; not a nation of haters bent on bullying their way to power by frightening and pummeling the people into submission with threats of violence and by the diminution of their character and value but a nation of goodness and greatness recognizing the magnificent contributions of all Americans.

America is not a perfect nation but is still perfecting itself through its magisterial promises of liberty and freedom and by bringing into existence what it stands for on paper which are the most sacred, reverent and cherished documents of freedom, justice and equality in the world.

America is not a finished project but a continuing work in progress.

Freedom is not free nor is Democracy. We must perfect its aims and ideals by continuing to toil upward by sculpting the nation into the glorious reality for which the people have lived, breathed and made the ultimate sacrifices.

The recent public displays of political rancor and resentment, the ignominious and dastardly renunciation and abdication of political checks and balances in deference to party politics, the procedural injustices and political gambits conceived and implemented by members of the Republican Party and the spurious rise of political hucksterism and griftopian grime creep are becoming all too familiarly normative and noxious in the theater of American politics.

Couple this with the denigration of Mexicans, blacks, women, immigrants and other people by the President and the rise of the psywars and the various swamp culture wars of scorn and contempt for honest, hardworking everyday Americans  which is not only a stain on the character of those behaving so appallingly, but an affront to the higher values, principles and brand of American freedom, mutual respect and equality upon which we stand, thrive and endure as a nation.

The brouhaha surrounding the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings and the culture of permissiveness, submissiveness and denigration embroiling women from Anita Hill to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in Congressional hearings and the callous disregard of untold other women throughout our nation who have been demeaned, assaulted and raped, then humiliated again through the interrogation process or ignored altogether and summarily shamed and publicly dismissed for reporting crimes committed against them, has helped create this general miasma of violence and contempt incubated most prominently from the time of slavery and replicated against women far too long in this country.

The rise of the Me Too Movement is another chapter in a long history of the oppression of women protesting the tyrannies and obscenities of male dominating power.

Women have spoken boldly and responded to this general culture of denigration and disrespect by electing over 100 women to Congress.

“You go girls!”

Similar to blacks in slavery, women have been often treated as the property of men and are now fighting back not only against individual assaults on them by persons they know, but also against a general good old boy culture of shame and dishonor which dismisses their right to protest such crimes, belittles their integrity and intelligence and criminalizes their character and behavior.

The current political climate of disdain for women has precipitated the current rise of women leaders who will change the current political climate through hard work, civility, compassion, integrity and by listening to and working with members of both political parties in order to move this country forward. They will eradicate corruption, rebuild infrastructure and implement legislation that will benefit all Americans.

America has spoken this midterm elections.

“Right is still right even if everybody is against it. Wrong is still wrong even if everybody is for it.”

“You go girls!”

Keep fighting the good fight.

American Democracy is for all the people all the time and not just some of the people all of the time.

As women gain more power and authority in the political process, my prayer is that they do not become replicas of the “old men” who after many years of dedicated service to their country have become mean, crusty, impatient and hardened by absolute power; men who have become time worn from long years of service, often tinged with resentment at the changing complexion of America, and indifferent to the needs of the American people.

Onward women!

Upward America!

Ella B, Fannie Lou, Sojourner T, Harriet T, Elizabeth Cady and Susan B., Ida B, Shirley C, Gloria, Coretta and Angela D, and many others would be pleased today as well as all the men standing with them in the struggle for human dignity and freedom in America and the world.

You go Girls!

Keep going and keep working to make America greater than it has ever been before!

America you go girls!



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