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Jul 2020 02

Stop The Lynching of Black Men in America!

“The attack on black men in this country has its ugly beginnings from the time of slavery through the hanging of “strange fruit” on lynching trees, to present forms of unmitigated violence and police brutality. No matter how prevalent such violence has become we can never accept its normalization. We must continue to work and […]

May 2018 01

Local Pastors, Leaders And People As Rights Activists and Advocates

Recently I had the good fortunate to join in discussions about why many Christian pastors are not more strident civil rights activists and advocates. Why aren’t more pastors more actively involved in civil and human rights advocacy locally and nationally? Why don’t pastors preach more sermons on political, social and economic issues to their congregations? […]

Jan 2018 11

Remember, Celebrate, Act: A Day On Not A Day Off!

Remember, Celebrate, Act: A Day On, Not A Day Off! Delivered at the Department of the Army U.S. Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command Warren, Michigan Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration January 9, 2018 Carlyle Fielding Stewart III Dear Brothers and Sisters of our great American family! Thank you for serving our nation and its various communities […]

May 2015 07

Give Credit to Baltimore Police

Although the six Baltimore Police officers have been accused of causing the death of Freddie Gray, few pundits have given credit to the Mayor, Chief of Police and the many officers for the way they handled the outbreaks of violence last week. Things could have turned out far worse had not the police largely handled […]

May 2015 05

Understanding Unrest in Baltimore.

Again, we are confronted by images of a modern city burning from the fires of alienation, oppression, and despair. Many of my generation have seen the fires raging before almost fifty years ago in Detroit, Watts and Newark. I lived through the 1967 Riots in Detroit and know the devastation and destruction they wreaked on […]

Dec 2014 12

“Still Marching and Working for Justice.”

The march for justice today in Washington D.C. led by the Reverend Al Sharpton and other leaders from across the nation will once again call attention to the recent rash of deaths of black men and boys by police and the failure of the legal system to hold them accountable for their actions. These and […]

Aug 2014 21

Too Many Tears!

The tears keep coming; the tears of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, boyfriends and girlfriends and other friends which have no end. We see it too often. The grim, solemn processions of everyday people filing past the caskets of their beloved children gunned down in broad daylight on […]

May 2014 30

The Prophetic Black Church Still Needed Today.

Since the beginning of our time in the United States of America, black religion and the black preacher have played vital roles in articulating the hopes, aspirations and ultimate destiny of African-American people. Ever since the bullwhip days of slavery and reconstruction, the harsh realities of Jim Crow and the continuing cauldron of racial segregation […]

Aug 2013 20

“We Must Not Be Afraid to Really Look at Ourselves and Stop Stoning the Messengers Who Speak the Truth to Us About Us.”

So many of us for so long have been taught to be ashamed of who we are because we do not fit the predominant image and standard profile of acceptable persons. We have been taught to look at ourselves through lenses that are not able to see clearly our true beauty and essence as citizens […]

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