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  • “You Are Not Powerless!

    “You Are Not Powerless!

    You are not powerless. You have the power to positively change your life. First, move out of your “can’t do” mindset and begin seeing yourself doing the very thing that you don’t think you can do. Overcoming fear sometimes means doing the very thing that you are afraid to do. You have fixed images in…

  • “When You Hit Rock’s Bottom”

    “When You Hit Rock’s Bottom”

    Day by day I am meeting more people who are down and out, despondent, depressed and discouraged by a recent turn of events in their lives. Many have lost their jobs, homes, families, friends – and they feel that their lives are spinning completely out of control. Some have even considered taking their own lives….

  • Should Christians Only Be Concerned About “Spiritual Things” And Stay Out of Politics?

    Several weeks ago I had a discussion with a man who said quite heatedly. “Christians should only be concerned about spiritual things and stay out of politics.” I asked this man why he thought that spiritual things did not involve our participation in politics since so much of political decision making affects us at every level of our daily lives. I…

  • The Man Who Did Everything All By Himself

    The Man Who Did Everything All By Himself

    Some people act as though they live in the world all alone and that their achievements were accomplished all by themselves. I am often amazed at the nature of discourse in our country today where some people believe that everything that they have accomplished in life was garnered solely by the wit and strength of their own powers. They give…