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Dec 2011 31

What Mitt Romney Should Do Now

I have learned through many years of dealing with people to avoid the overgeneralizations and broad brushing tendencies that lump all persons of a particular group into one negative type. There are always exceptions to the rule that defy categorically the labels that we place on persons and groups. This can be said of today’s Republican Party. The Tea Party members who now […]

Dec 2011 31

The Man Who Did Everything All By Himself

Some people act as though they live in the world all alone and that their achievements were accomplished all by themselves. I am often amazed at the nature of discourse in our country today where some people believe that everything that they have accomplished in life was garnered solely by the wit and strength of their own powers. They give […]

Dec 2011 30

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructures

Recently there has been much discussion about rebuilding America’s physical infrastructures. Roads and bridges are in disrepair and the general condition of many pathways and passageways in America beg a complete overhaul and redoing. Congress should act immediately to provide funding for these initiatives and do so post haste. In another sense however, America should not only be […]

Dec 2011 22

The Lonely Soldier

The lonely soldier keeps attentive watch over the land before her. She gazes out and over her post while sacred memories transport her back  to the cherished company of close friends and to a time when sweet laughter pervaded family gatherings at Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and other informal celebrations. Her mind goes back to her sweet sixteen , her high school prom  just a few years ago, the dance in the school […]

Dec 2011 21

The Occupy Movement

Recently, we have witnessed the emergence of the new American Occupy movement whose cries for justice, fairness and equality resonate with millions of people throughout this land. It is a movement that has taken  upon itself the concerns of the many, the 99 percenters, whose pleas and protests for human dignity and equality of opportunity often fall upon the deaf […]

Dec 2011 16

Peace on Earth

We all long for a world of complete peace on earth where there is no more war, division, suffering and death; a world in which all people can realize their god given potential, live as free human beings, enjoy fresh air and clean water, assume their full human rights as persons of God and citizens of the […]

Oct 2011 04

Evangelism for Social Justice

Seldom do we conceive of evangelism as a concern for social justice. Traditional models of evangelism focus on developing strategies, principles, methodologies and programs design to make disciples by winning them to Christ. Evangelism as a form of outreach to the unchurched and unsaved presupposes the willingness of church members to extend themselves beyond their […]

Aug 2011 11

A Letter to President Obama

August 10, 2011 The President The White House Washington D.C. 20500 Dear Mr. President: My family and I are praying for you and your family. No one knows except those who have walked in your shoes what it is like to assume the enormous burdens of leading our nation during its current crises. Having said […]

May 2011 19

Affirmative Action

September 14, 2006 Nearly forty have passed since the death of Martin Luther King Jr, but the struggle for Civil and Human Rights continue in America today. The 1960’s represented a time in our nation when people of all colors, genders and religious persuasions joined together as once voice to speak against the continuing injustices […]

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