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Nov 2014 06

The Big Hurt. Democrats Need More “Umph” in their Messaging.

In the words of my beloved uncle Bo, the Republicans put a “hurt” on the Democrats in the mid-term elections, and many commentators have cited a whole boatload of reasons for the thrashing. The following thoughts and my own thoughts are offered as part of what went wrong. Forty five percent of Americans did not go to the […]

Nov 2014 01

“Beware of Rule Changes.”

I have learned that life is not always fair. Your opponents will sometimes use every measure possible to gain and maintain the competitive advantage over you. Rule changes are part of the game and often range from the sublime to the ridiculous. As I survey the landscape of the upcoming elections, I am astounded at […]

Oct 2014 30

“Life and Relationships are Not Always Fifty-Fifty”

One thing I have realized in my short time on this planet is that life is not always fair. “Sometimes you are the pigeon. Sometimes you are the statue.” “Sometimes you eat the bear and other times the bear eats you.” In the final analysis things in life do balance out in some way or […]

Oct 2014 22

Sometimes You Must Stand Again.

It takes a lot to stand up for what we believe in today’s world. Taking a stand can be uncomfortable especially when the things that we stand for makes others angry or rubs them the wrong way. It easy to remain silent in the face of injustices. As Elie Wiesel reminds us, we may not […]

Oct 2014 04

Sometimes You Must Stand.

In a world that often punishes. labels or disregards people who stand for what is right, the task of standing for that right can often be difficult. We live in a world where we seek the approval and appreciation of others and when we sometimes find ourselves at odds with them on any given issue, […]

Sep 2014 03

Beyond the Labels and Categories

Thirty one years of pastoral ministry practice has given me the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people from all walks of life. I am truly grateful for the many lessons learned over the years about the power of ministry as an instrument of hope, love and compassion for people. Despite the many ways […]

Aug 2014 22

“The Answers Within”

Sometimes we human beings over externalize ourselves in the search for meaning in life. We often believe that the answers to life’s most perplexing problems lie way beyond us, far outside us, so that we are ever seeking the sources of our personal truths in far away places. Sometimes we go on the journey and […]

Aug 2014 21

“Some Paradoxes of Modern Institutionalism”

An institution indeed has value when it gifts the community it serves. The hallmarks of institutions are the organization and dispensation of power, the development and use of organizational structures which harness human capital and galvanize material resources to realize goals and objectives for the common good and the betterment of society. It is the […]

Aug 2014 13

At Least Two Sides to Every Story

There are two sides to every story. Some people hear only one side and run with it. They believe the one side they have heard and don’t stop to think that, perhaps, there is another point of view that should be considered before rendering a final judgment. I have learned while working with people in […]

Dec 2013 21

Why Raising the Minimum Wage is So Important.

When I began working, as a kid, I performed a whole host of minimum wage gigs for parents, relatives, and my neighbors, so I know both the meaning of being paid less and the joy of finally getting an increase from those loving tightwads who loudly and begrudgingly – and under pretentious protest – hoisted […]

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