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Nov 2013 19

Let us Now Heal the Great City of Detroit

The restoring of Detroit will be a template for the restoration of America. But, before we can restore, we must first acknowledge our pain and begin healing our wounds. There are many people who are hurting in this town. They have been wounded by the politics of crime and punishment that have devastated their families and communities, […]

Oct 2013 20

A Measure of Good Leadership

Leaders come in many shapes, forms and sizes, and there are outstanding, mediocre and poor examples of leadership everywhere. In fact, civilization could not have come this far without good leaders. We have heard of their feats of prowess on the battlefield, in business, politics, education, religion, sports, science, the arts, industry and other areas […]

Oct 2013 08

Beyond the Politics of Resentment

The “act” of Congress holding hostage representative democracy and shutting down the government to satisfy some primal urge for revenge is rooted in their deep-seated resentment of Obama’s Affordable Care Act – the landmark law which will medically enfranchise millions of people currently living without health care. The political rancor unfolding in Washington is symptomatic […]

Oct 2013 02

Taking Food Stamps from the Needy: Repo of the Fish and Loaves

Anyone who is taking food stamps from the poor and needy, while claiming to be Christian, either misunderstands what it means to be Christian or they are being thoroughly dishonest with themselves and others. Anyone claiming that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would approve of such actions has not read the Gospels and is […]

Sep 2013 05


“You don’t speak about democracy, you ‘do’ democracy.”                                              Joaquim Chissano, Former President Mozambique Let me say from the outset that, as a rule, I stay away from offering opinions and judgments about international […]

Aug 2013 30

The Days of Wine and Wisdom

When I grew up on the west side of Detroit, not too many moons ago, I remember that no matter where you went or what you did, there were always people ready to share wisdom with you. That made you a better person. Much of this “wisdom offering” was unsolicited, but people everywhere prided themselves […]

Aug 2013 22

What are Leaders Without the People?

In heaping praises and accolades on great leaders of our time, we often fail to recognize the everyday people who help to make these leaders great. All this week we will observe the mighty work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and of other leaders in the civil and human rights movements. However, […]

Aug 2013 21

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader’s Leader

The nation is preparing to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, which reached its apogee with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream,” speech. As I look out over the political, social and cultural landscape of our beloved country, the United States of America, I am reminded of Dr. […]

Aug 2013 20

“We Must Not Be Afraid to Really Look at Ourselves and Stop Stoning the Messengers Who Speak the Truth to Us About Us.”

So many of us for so long have been taught to be ashamed of who we are because we do not fit the predominant image and standard profile of acceptable persons. We have been taught to look at ourselves through lenses that are not able to see clearly our true beauty and essence as citizens […]

Aug 2013 07

Smiley and West.

Public intellectual and Princeton University Professor Cornel West, and broadcast journalist Tavis Smiley have gone into territories where few black commentators, activists or scholars have been willing to go – critiquing President Barack Obama’s domestic policies and his recent comments on race and the George Zimmerman trial. At a time when it is considered disloyal […]

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