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Oct 2013 02

Taking Food Stamps from the Needy: Repo of the Fish and Loaves

Anyone who is taking food stamps from the poor and needy, while claiming to be Christian, either misunderstands what it means to be Christian or they are being thoroughly dishonest with themselves and others. Anyone claiming that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would approve of such actions has not read the Gospels and is […]

Mar 2013 08

And Now Some Words About this Word, “Entitlements.”

I have stated numerous times on this blog that using the right words in framing the discourse of political debate can give one a competitive advantage. I cited George Lakoff, Jeffrey Feldman and Murray Edelman’s works on this subject, all of whom state in varying degrees how the competitive use of language can often determine who wins political arguments.   Language is an important tool, prompting a wide variety of thoughts and […]

Sep 2012 19

“Should Black Pastors Tell their Congregations not to Vote this November?”

Religion is a very touchy matter. Two subjects that cause people to often argue eternally without resolution are religion and politics. Although my religious and political views are progressive, I still believe that people have the right to express their religious views even if they are diametrically opposed to my own. I appreciate the perspectives of different religions and denominations and have […]

Aug 2012 27

“Seven Questions”

I want to pose seven questions as we consider the state of American Democracy in moving toward the November 2012 elections. Question #1. If  “literacy” tests are now required for African Americans, seniors and others in order to cast their votes, will lunacy tests now be demanded of the people who came up with this bright idea? (Can the new voter […]

Jun 2012 30

A Victory for the People!

Yesterday was a great day in our nation. Every day people, people needing health care won a sweet victory with the Supreme Courts decision upholding the constitutionality of Obama Care. The progressive movement, reeling from a bitter defeat in Wisconsin, is now regaining momentum. Buoyed by the Supreme Court’s recent decision, the movement is re-surging confidence […]

Jun 2012 01

What Christians Should Understand about President Obama’s Recent Statement on Marriage Equality.”

“What Christians Should Understand about President Obama’s Decision on Marriage Equality.” Delivered on the Lord’s Day May 27, 2012 Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III Many Christians are very upset with President Obama’s recent statement that he supports marriage equality for LGBT persons. Many pastors have told their congregations not to vote for Obama in the November […]

May 2012 10

President Obama Courageously Stands for LGBT Civil and Marriage Rights.

I recently got into a debate with a man about views on the LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community and whether they should be allowed to marry or have civil unions. His position was that homosexuality was a sin and that people in the LGBT community should never be allowed to marry because the Bible condemns them. Marriage […]

Apr 2012 14

“A Great Awakening!”

Some people have defined the great awakening as the time on Sunday when parishioners wake up from their minister’s sermons. I see it as a new movement sweeping across America where people are finally waking up and standing up to the corporate take over of American representative democracy. The recent move by various companies to withhold financial support from ALEC, which is the American Legislative Exchange Council, […]

Feb 2012 02

“Stop Living in Your Dream World!”

My beloved mother used to say to me as a kid when my imagination ran wild, “Stop living in your dream world!” What she meant was that my fanciful, quixotic ruminations on life as I had imagined and hoped would not come true in the immediate moment and that I had better come back to reality right […]

Feb 2012 01

“How Good is Greed?”

The movie Wall Street by Oliver Stone has become a landmark film in American popular culture. The central character of the film is Gordon Gekko who gives a speech before the Board of Directors of a major corporation whose now famous statement that” greed is good” is often proudly and widely quoted in the American business lexicon as the mantra of capitalist free enterprise. The […]

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