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Dec 2011 30

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructures

Recently there has been much discussion about rebuilding America’s physical infrastructures. Roads and bridges are in disrepair and the general condition of many pathways and passageways in America beg a complete overhaul and redoing. Congress should act immediately to provide funding for these initiatives and do so post haste. In another sense however, America should not only be […]

Dec 2011 21

The Occupy Movement

Recently, we have witnessed the emergence of the new American Occupy movement whose cries for justice, fairness and equality resonate with millions of people throughout this land. It is a movement that has taken  upon itself the concerns of the many, the 99 percenters, whose pleas and protests for human dignity and equality of opportunity often fall upon the deaf […]

Dec 2011 17

And Still We Rise

   “And Still We  Rise ” Delivered on the Lord’s Day for Black History Month  January 28, 2007 Acts 26:12a-18; Nehemiah 2:11-20 Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III  So they said, Let  us rise up and  build. Then they set  their hands to this good work.” Nehemiah 2:18b “So I said, “Who are  you Lord?” And  he  said, “Iam  Jesus, whom you […]

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