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May 2012 15

“Marriage Equality Means Abiding the Constitution and Not Conveniently Throwing it Out Because We Religiously or Politically Disagree With It.”

Many Christians in general and black Christians in particular are upset at President Barack Obama for his recent decision to support same gender marriages. Many of these persons have vowed not to vote for President Obama in the November election and refuse to support his future political agenda for America. While as a trained Christian ethicist, I understand their feelings on this subject, […]

Mar 2009 28

Telling Our Stories: Toward the True Meaning of Diversity, Equality and Excellence in American Society

Diverse Voices Conference on Exploring the Relationship Between Diversity, Equity and Excellence,  Oakland University, March 28, 2009, Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III I want to thank Dr. Chandra Scott and members of the Diverse Voices Conference Committee for giving me the opportunity to speak to you today to speak on a subject very close to my […]

May 2005 23

Defending Progressive Moral Values Against Religious Intolerance

A presentation to the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR), May 23, 2005 at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak, Michigan. Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III I want to call attention to some of the troubling trends that I see developing between conservative Evangelicals and conservative Republicans in their efforts to consolidate political power and homogenize […]

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