Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

Writings on Democracy, Social Justice, and Religion

Category: Election Cycles and Processes

  • “America You Go Girls!”

    “America You Go Girls!”

    The pendulums of justice and freedom are swinging back to their rightful places for all the people of America. The 2018 midterm elections is a referendum on what most Americans want their country to be; not a nation of haters bent on bullying their way to power by frightening and pummeling the people into submission…

  • Stop the Political Scapegoating!

    Stop the Political Scapegoating!

    With all the political chicanery required in election politics how can prospective voters believe what politicians are saying to get their votes? Part of the political game is to say what people want to hear to grab their attention and galvanize their support. Donald Trump recently crossed the line when he publicly likened undocumented Latino,…