Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

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Category: Family Life

  • Good Rules For Daily Living

    Good Rules For Daily Living

    This thanksgiving let us be grateful for our blessings- and we still have them even though we sometimes think that we don’t- thankful for the power to forgive and to be forgiven, mindful of the need to do our part in making the world a better place for all people, helpful in supporting those causes…

  • Understanding Unrest in  Baltimore.

    Understanding Unrest in Baltimore.

    Again, we are confronted by images of a modern city burning from the fires of alienation, oppression, and despair. Many of my generation have seen the fires raging before almost fifty years ago in Detroit, Watts and Newark. I lived through the 1967 Riots in Detroit and know the devastation and destruction they wreaked on…

  • “Life and Relationships are Not Always Fifty-Fifty”

    “Life and Relationships are Not Always Fifty-Fifty”

    One thing I have realized in my short time on this planet is that life is not always fair. “Sometimes you are the pigeon. Sometimes you are the statue.” “Sometimes you eat the bear and other times the bear eats you.” In the final analysis things in life do balance out in some way or…

  • Too Many Tears!

    Too Many Tears!

    The tears keep coming; the tears of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, boyfriends and girlfriends and other friends which have no end. We see it too often. The grim, solemn processions of everyday people filing past the caskets of their beloved children gunned down in broad daylight on…

  • Why Raising the Minimum Wage is So Important.

    Why Raising the Minimum Wage is So Important.

    When I began working, as a kid, I performed a whole host of minimum wage gigs for parents, relatives, and my neighbors, so I know both the meaning of being paid less and the joy of finally getting an increase from those loving tightwads who loudly and begrudgingly – and under pretentious protest – hoisted…

  • “Daddy, Don’t Go!”

    “Daddy, Don’t Go!”

    The child tugged hard on her father’s arm to stop him from walking out the door. “Daddy, don’t go,” she said. “Daddy please don’t go.” The father turned to his daughter as he stood in the doorway. “I have no choice sweetheart. I have no choice,” he said tearfully, his voice cracking. He then walked…

  • “Dem Was Da Days.”

    “Dem Was Da Days.”

    I had a conversation with a middle aged man in my church who said that one day his son said to him, “Dad you play too much.” He thought this amusing and I chuckled out loud for a long time when I heard this. How refreshing that our children would think that we play too much; that…