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Nov 2014 06

The Big Hurt. Democrats Need More “Umph” in their Messaging.

In the words of my beloved uncle Bo, the Republicans put a “hurt” on the Democrats in the mid-term elections, and many commentators have cited a whole boatload of reasons for the thrashing. The following thoughts and my own thoughts are offered as part of what went wrong. Forty five percent of Americans did not go to the […]

Aug 2014 13

At Least Two Sides to Every Story

There are two sides to every story. Some people hear only one side and run with it. They believe the one side they have heard and don’t stop to think that, perhaps, there is another point of view that should be considered before rendering a final judgment. I have learned while working with people in […]

Jul 2012 24

“Blessed are the Cheese Eaters!” (For They Shall Have Backbone Density)”

I like cheese. I like yellow cheese and white cheese. I like natural cheese and processed cheese. I make sandwiches with it. I melt it on crackers and I paste it on dark rye bread. Cheese is a staple food in my house. When I eat it, it brings a smile to my face. Grilled cheese sandwiches are […]

Copyright ©2024 - Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III, All Rights Reserved.