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Sep 2017 16

To Which Part of Trump’s Base Are We Referring?

Many talk show hosts, writers and journalists and medial persons have done a great job of calling the American political system and President Trump to account. Without them we would not know what we now know about Russian Cyber hacking and a whole host of other problems facing our nation. I am not trying to […]

Dec 2013 25

“The Man at the Well.”

“The Man at the Well.” Delivered on the Lord’s Day May 5, 2013 John 4:1-26 Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III Have you ever had found yourself trying to do good in helping others and then later learned that you had done wrong in the minds of some people because of how your actions were interpreted by them? […]

Dec 2013 21

Why Raising the Minimum Wage is So Important.

When I began working, as a kid, I performed a whole host of minimum wage gigs for parents, relatives, and my neighbors, so I know both the meaning of being paid less and the joy of finally getting an increase from those loving tightwads who loudly and begrudgingly – and under pretentious protest – hoisted […]

Dec 2013 19

For the Good of America!

I am not a corporation. I am a person. With all the information we hear about corporations in America and with the 2010 Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling giving corporations many of the rights that people enjoy, I was wondering what they really “think.” I know corporations are dedicated to making as much profit for […]

Dec 2013 18

Leadership as a Path of Least Resistance

One glaring problem in the world today is leaders who problem-solve along the path of least resistance, taking the easy route, serving and being rewarded by the “ruling class.” It is so much harder for leaders to sit down at the table and think through their problems thoroughly, examining every possible angle, and then presenting […]

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