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Jul 2020 02

Stop The Lynching of Black Men in America!

“The attack on black men in this country has its ugly beginnings from the time of slavery through the hanging of “strange fruit” on lynching trees, to present forms of unmitigated violence and police brutality. No matter how prevalent such violence has become we can never accept its normalization. We must continue to work and […]

Aug 2019 08

The Problem Is Not Trump’s Alone!

Yes! The president has hurled insulting and demeaning words to immigrants, women, and people of color, political opponents and other people. Yes! The president should take responsibility for how his words may have caused some people to engage in hate-driven acts of violence of which El Paso and Dayton are the most recent and horrific […]

Mar 2018 23

“Despite How You Have Been Sometimes Mistreated, Your Country Has Not Quit You So Be Careful Not To Quit Your Country!

Much criticism and cynicism flourish these days about where America is truly headed. Some have given up all hope that America will ever become in reality what it professes to be as a nation on paper. The Three Great Documents of Freedom remain the cornerstones of our nation which began as a people centered Democracy […]

Jul 2013 22

“The Fear and Suspicion of Black Men in America.”

The exoneration of George Zimmerman in killing Trayvon Martin comes as no surprise to many who understand how unpredictable the outcome of such cases can be. The verdict also comes as no surprise to those familiar with the history of white men acquitted of killing black men in “self-defense” in America. Others are still not […]

Nov 2012 01

“Unfortunately, Race Still Matters.”

President Obama must be a man and a half to take all the verbal abuse, insults and pressure that he receives from his political adversaries each day. When words like “primate president,” “monkey business,” “food stamp president” and other derogatory and racist code words are used to mock and demean the president, there must be […]

Feb 2012 25

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I recently went to a local post office to mail some long overdue letters to friends and parishioners. As I approached the mail box, I was greeted by a young man campaigning for a politician running for President of the United States. I noticed by his table a picture of President Obama with an Adolf Hitler […]

May 2008 22

Racial and Ethnic Conflicts: Reconciling Differences and Healing Divisions

MCHR Forum on Race Relations, May 22, 2008 Historically speaking, the racial and ethnic divisions that have existed in American society have not only created deep-seated envy and hatred among certain racial and ethnic groups but have always served the best interests of those who profit from those divisions. It is true that the histories […]

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