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Aug 2018 17

Long Live Her Majesty Queen of Soul!

As a proud native Detroiter, I have always been exceptionally fond of the Motor City and the extraordinary talent it has produced. Detroit has always been a cultural mecca for food ways and folkways, for music particularly Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Rock and Roll, Classical and other forms of music. It has also been […]

Sep 2016 20

Politics, the Pulpit and the People, Part I

Originally Published by the Michigan Chronicle July 13-19, 2016 Many people believe that the church should stay out of politics and that politics should stay out of the church. This view stems partly from arguments for the separation of Church and State. “The phrase “separation of church and state” is generally traced to a January […]

Sep 2016 19

Politics, the Pulpit and the People, Part II

Originally published by the Michigan Chronicle August 10-16, 2016 Whether the church should become involved in politics is still hotly debated, but the truth is many persons of diverse religious backgrounds have been called to leadership in politics. Countless examples of people filling their religious duties and civic obligations with outstanding records of public service […]

Sep 2016 17

“Politics, the Pulpit and the People.” Part III

-To truly understand the role of the church and its people in politics, we must remember the ministry of the historical Jesus which sets the tone for understanding the practice of religious faith and life in the world. While at times Jesus withdrew himself from the world for rest and prayer, he did not completely […]

May 2014 30

The Prophetic Black Church Still Needed Today.

Since the beginning of our time in the United States of America, black religion and the black preacher have played vital roles in articulating the hopes, aspirations and ultimate destiny of African-American people. Ever since the bullwhip days of slavery and reconstruction, the harsh realities of Jim Crow and the continuing cauldron of racial segregation […]

Dec 2010 20

The Bill Cosby Event: The Black Church and The Black Family

” The Black Church and the Black Family”Delivered at The Bill Cosby Event, Wayne County Community College, January 13, 2005 Rev. Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III  To Dr. Bill Cosby, our leader and one who has inspired millions over the years through his outstanding gifts and contributions to education and the family and gathered members of this community. Thank you for this […]

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