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Enough Political Crazy Talk!

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Many Americans are tired of political crazy talk that always shouts at the top of its voice denouncing government, rips and insults the poor and middle class and says outlandish things by stoking the fires of bigotry. This crazy talk leaves so many Americans exhausted and worn out that they often” can’t see straight.”

The political extremism which breeds political crazy talk often disguises itself under the cloak of pure conservatism and often reveals itself through a bunch of paranoid, angry, confused people hollering about taking their country back when in reality they never really lost their country and it was never exclusively theirs in the first place.

Some of these people need to just get over the fact that America has changed and instead of hiding and hoarding all the wealth and resources they have at their finger tips,  it would be very special if they could use those resources to build and create a new America, one greater and “badder” than they could ever imagine rather than always trying to take back rights from people who barely have them and revert America back to prehistoric times by having us politically walk on all fours again. It would be helpful if such persons would not talk down to us, around us or over us with all this political crazy talk.

Let’s face it. Women are not all going back into the kitchen. Blacks are not going to the back of the bus. Members of the same gender loving community are not going back into the closet. Hispanics, Latinos and Chicanos are not all going back south of the border. This is the new America in which thousands have fought, bled and died to create.

The people of limited vision in America keep trying to restrict the larger vision of what America can truly become. They keep insisting that we go back to doing things the old way by forcing squares that are too big into circles that are too small. They keep viewing reality in terms of what has been taken away from them and thus have defined their future mission solely in terms of what they can take back from those people who have snatched their country out from under them.

Enough of all the extreme political gobbledygook passing across America’s airwaves. Enough already of the looney quack and the jabberwocky, the hocus pocus, hoodoo, voodoo, boo hoo, foo boo, juju, woo woo.  Will somebody finally find some Republicans who can talk some sense to the people? Is there anybody home on their side of the House that really knows what time it is? Will somebody call out the clinicians? Please! Will someone petition pest control to shoo away the bugs that keep bugging us or are we at the point where we have to summon Orwell’s Napoleon and Snowball to lead us off this farm?

What in the world has become of us as a nation? Americans are tired of listening to all the dumb stuff that some of our leaders keep parroting and mouthing.  Incredulous,  I  keep asking, “Do they really believe that?” It seems the dumber they sound the brighter and more popular their brand of “bulbs” become. Enough of this non incandescent cretaceous flourescence!

It is true that what one says at times to one’s political opponents just doesn’t make sense or add up on any mathematical scale. No matter how endlessly we add two plus two, some people will always give and get three. It is true that we all have our moments where the things that we say and do reveal our true galactic origins; that we are from distant nebula, that we are farther from earth than first imagined. It is true that we have all said things that appear super stupid to our family and friends. It is true that when we have lost our way, we occasionally display in our eyes a far away “deer in the headlights look.”  But the people who know us accept this reality and bemoan our periodic states of stupor bewailing them as temporary abnormalities.

But in the current theater of American politics all of this crazy talk which drives us crazy is now a permanent fixture in American political discourse. I wish some of these pundits would give us relief by announcing that they were playing “opposite day,” like we used to do with our kids, when after making foolish and idiotic statements such as,  “There is no scientific evidence for global warming,” they would just pause and say, “Just kidding folks. I really meant the reverse of what I just said.” Or when someone makes an asinine statement that blacks were better off in slavery or Obama is a snob because he believes in every one getting a college education or Gingrich churning out inanities about the future lot of poor folks, it would be helpful if they could just breathe deeply, step back, smile, stare blankly into the camera, wave to the audience, have someone tenderly take them by the hand, turn them slowly and politely around, lead them off stage, and gingerly lead them home to stay.

Many Americans are tired of all this political crazy talk, the belligerence, the bombast, the bellicose blathering, the non -sensible meandering, where in the words of the poet Eliot, “Motion takes to itself the motionless.” Enough of this dazed, bug eyed, political talk chaw from the  “hyperbolic syllabic sesque daly mystics” who keep muddling and mangling our political conversation and driving us all to the brink of catatonic inebriation.

Enough of all this political crazy talk. It is wearing us all out! Will the the other political leaders follow Obama’s lead in realizing realize that their preparation to speak should be longer than their presentations of speech. Will you please step forward and lead us out of this maze of political madness by making thoughtful, intelligent, “common sense which is not common” statements that give us scrumptious food for thought, inspire us all to make America better and lead this nation forward? Please! Will somebody please help us? Please! Enough of this political crazy talk! We can’t take it anymore!


4 responses to “Enough Political Crazy Talk!”

  1. Marshall Murphy Avatar
    Marshall Murphy

    The political crazy talk is inspired by one very old profession- “Con-artist”. This election is sending forth a very dramtic message about the political process and the identity of America. Imagine the nerve that someone would suggest an entire country change their language to recieve statehood.

    1. cfstewart Avatar

      Thanks brother Marshall for leaving a thoughtful comment. I appreciate it very much. Take care!

  2. Dorothy Merchant Avatar
    Dorothy Merchant

    Webster defines delusion as ” persistent psychotic belief”. I am not sure if some of the politicians are “con-artists” or just delusional. Furthermore, I am not sure if constituents of same are conforming to mass hysteria and soothing their fears with delusional thinking or afraid to break from expected behavior of the group and use their mind independently. Either hypothesis could work. The downside of all this is divisiveness and potential destruction of our democratic way of life. It is hoped that the obvious delusional rhetoric will be so skewed that numbed sensitivities are awakened. Of course, this is speculative.. Articles like this lifts the veil over our eyes and cleans the wax out of our ears so that we can discern BS when we encounter it.. Next step is to lift the veil for someone else and take them some Q-tips…
    As usual, Dr. Stewart, well-written thoughtful article. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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