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“Fighting Fire With Waters.”

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Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, Representative Maxine Waters has been one of his most strident and vocal critics. She has not minced her words nor left to chance what she thinks about inveterate Republicans and the President destroying and bankrupting the United States of America with their  “one-party-all-or- nothing politics” and the culture of recrimination and accusation they have helped create through political incivility, media manipulation, political propagandizing and Orwellian Doublespeak.

Representative Waters is a bold and courageous leader who has openly and vigorously spoken her mind but now Trump and the Republicans want to turn the tables on her by falsely accusing Mrs Waters of sanctioning violence with her words.

I wish more Democrats would show a similar moxy in confronting and care-fronting Republican  political stonewalling, incivility and cruelty which have been promulgated nationwide to the detriment of America and is leading to the erosion of a once civil American political system.

Media blackouts notwithstanding, Democrats have been all too lukewarm and cautious. For example, a stronger outcry should have ensued from Democrats when Republicans stole the Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland from President Barack Obama. The GOP should have been never allowed to get away with this scurrilous action even if it meant shutting down the Senate in protest.

Think about the other machinations of Republicans such as voter suppression, gerrymandering, the superfluous tax cut for Billionaires, the decimation of labor unions coupled with threats to cut Medicare and Social Security and other forms of political theft and corporate plunder which have largely gone unanswered.

Also think about the rhetoric of violence and policy violence employed by Trump himself which has violated every rule of public civility which demeans, degrades and devalues women, people of color and immigrants and others and are insulting to all freedom loving Americans who care about their country.

Republicans have essentially declared war on the middle class and the working poor of America and have not been held to account for their mordant rhetoric or their ignominious actions.

Now that press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen have experienced public push back for the recent immigrant crisis, Republicans want to blame Representative Waters for this rise in public indignation by accusing her of using words which have incited those recent confrontations.

Let’s be very clear. Representative Waters did not start these problems. I also don’t believe that Sanders or Nielsen started these problems nor should they be singled out for taking orders from the President and carrying out his policies. They should be allowed to dine and socialize in peace. The way to handle this problem is by speaking truth to the powerful and voting out of office the current party in power.

Meanwhile the truth should be told however passionately and effectively to righteously protest what’s happening to our nation.

The president himself and Republicans are to blame for the current chaos and climate of indignation and reprisals with their “in your face politics of bullying” which have helped create and stoke the current climate of fear and intimidation now permeating the nation.

If it is awfully ironic that Speaker Paul Ryan has demanded an apology from Mrs Waters while giving the President a pass for his boorish language and bumptiousness.

The answer is not so much fighting fire with fire but fighting fire with Waters. The flames of hate-filled, resentment and gangster politics should now be extinguished with the fresh waters of truth, honesty, justice, unrelenting compassion, determination, transformation and activism by the people effecting the positive change now needed in America.

“Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a might stream.” Amos 5:24

Telling people to”shut up” who are appalled and have righteous indignation about what’s happening to America is not the appropriate response to the terrible realities now confronting us! Silence is not required. And there are times when non violent incivility and rhetoric should be appropriately measured and actualized to address and prevent a rising authoritarianism and fascism which if gone unchecked will destroy America as we know it.

Accusing Maxine Waters of political pyrotechnics is hypocrisy of the first order. The political pyromaniacs who are setting this great nation ablaze are to blame for the current political infernos now raging throughout America.

Needed is a toning down of the rhetoric, genuine mutual dialogue and two party solutions which will save America from complete incineration.

We do need civility but we also need passionate rhetoric which will up the ante by questioning and calling to account those responsible for torching this nation which will bring ruin to us all if we fail to resist and protest.

Let’s not fight fire with fire. Let’s fight fire with Waters and those of her boldness and temerity to put out the flames and prevent the mass conflagration threatening to destroy our beloved Democratic Constitutional Republic which are these United States of America.

Maxine’s waters are good for America and accusing her of starting these fires is simply wrong.


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