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One Bad Debate Does Not A Bad President Make

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What’s wrong with the Democrats? I understand their shock and dismay. Why did they attack Joe Biden’s performance at the presidential debate last night? Why are they openly bellyaching about his one bad performance? Don’t they understand that one bad debate does not a bad president make?

While good, effective communication is essential to the success of any public servant and leader, competency in other areas is also important like getting legislation passed, building coalitions across the aisle, and shaping a vision of leadership consistent with the values of American Representative Democracy. Compassion, understanding, wisdom, resilience, and the ability to get the job done are also extremely important.

Most of the president’s many outstanding achievements are related to his ability to make decisions and lead the people and this nation out of the living hell that Trump and his minions have helped create.

Biden is not a perfect leader but has done more than any other president in the history of this country to bring America back from the brink of peril and pandemic by a feckless, selfish president who did more to line his own pockets than help the everyday people of America. Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson are also presidents who led our nation through various crises when the nation was mired in war, economic turmoil, and social unrest.

Trump was, is, and has been an utter failure of the worst presidents ever- when it comes to caring for and serving everyday people. Contrast these two men and their records of service. Biden is carefully leading the flock while Trump doesn’t give a flock!

One failed debate performance by Biden does not define his character or the value of his many great accomplishments as president.  So the Democrats need to take a breath, take a seat, and find a way not to throw shade on the President but get to work by helping him and themselves win this next pivotal election which will ultimately determine whether America continues as a free nation or perishes as fools under a fascist authoritarian dictatorship.

It is important to state the truth. Biden bombed his first debate. The rule is to fall forward when failure has occurred says John Maxwell. So get over the failure. Stop pronouncing the last rites for President Biden. Get over the missteps and mishaps. The word now is resilience; how to rebound when a major mistake has been made. Now is not the time to tear Biden down but to build him up so he can continue forward rebuilding and renewing American Democracy for the next four years and generations to come.

Carlyle Fielding Stewart

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