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Aug 2014 21

“Some Paradoxes of Modern Institutionalism”

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An institution indeed has value when it gifts the community it serves. The hallmarks of institutions are the organization and dispensation of power, the development and use of organizational structures which harness human capital and galvanize material resources to realize goals and objectives for the common good and the betterment of society. It is the […]

Aug 2014 13

At Least Two Sides to Every Story

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There are two sides to every story. Some people hear only one side and run with it. They believe the one side they have heard and don’t stop to think that, perhaps, there is another point of view that should be considered before rendering a final judgment. I have learned while working with people in […]

May 2014 30

The Prophetic Black Church Still Needed Today.

Posted in African American Communities, Religion, The African American Church

Since the beginning of our time in the United States of America, black religion and the black preacher have played vital roles in articulating the hopes, aspirations and ultimate destiny of African-American people. Ever since the bullwhip days of slavery and reconstruction, the harsh realities of Jim Crow and the continuing cauldron of racial segregation […]

May 2014 29

“Maya Has Left Us But Her Words Still Lift Us”

Posted in Black History, Great Souls, Those Great and Gifted Women

The death of the great poet and writer Maya Angelou speaks to the power of the human spirit to transcend the travesties and indignities of human suffering and oppression. Her life is a testament, a metaphor, a window into the meaning of hope, the triumph of redemption and the genius of reinvention. She lived her […]

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