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Nov 2012 02

“Disaster “Politics” and the Politics of Disaster.”

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President Barack Obama and Governor Chris Christie cooperatively working together to eliminate the suffering of storm victims in New Jersey is a master lesson in how human beings of opposing political parties can surmount their political differences to help people in need. It matters not if the many people who have lost their lives, fortunes, homes and families are Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. […]

Nov 2012 01

“Unfortunately, Race Still Matters.”

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President Obama must be a man and a half to take all the verbal abuse, insults and pressure that he receives from his political adversaries each day. When words like “primate president,” “monkey business,” “food stamp president” and other derogatory and racist code words are used to mock and demean the president, there must be […]

Oct 2012 31

“America at the Crossroads.”

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Delivered on the Lord’s Day,  Political Candidates Sunday, October 28, 2012 Isaiah 1:13-17; 2 Kings 22: 1-12; Matthew 6:5-18 (Message Bible Translation) Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III Much is at stake this coming November. We are currently approaching one of the most important electoral events in the history of the United States of America. Not since […]

Oct 2012 02

“A Church for All People.” (Part One)

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I got a call late one Sunday night from a faithful leader in the church. The previous Sunday I had preached a sermon on the importance of welcoming all people into the church and creating an open door policy for “whosoever will let him or her come” into the fellowship of Christ Jesus. I preached hard that day and insisted that members […]

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