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Jan 2009 16

Martin Luther King Jr as Modern Prophet: Some Similarities with the Ancient Prophets of Israel.

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Delivered at the Martin Luther King Jr Celebration at Temple Israel, January 16, 2009 “Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them. Today I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall […]

Oct 2008 26

Approaching 100 Years…NAACP And the Beat Goes On.

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Delivered at the Western Wayne County Branch NAACP Inkster, Michigan, October 26, 2008, Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III I want to thank co-chairpersons Edna Parker, Aaron Sims and Carl Johnson, Community Coordinator Vivian Holifield, branch President Lucille Flint Johnson, and members and friends of the Western Wayne County Branch of the NAACP for extending the invitation […]

May 2008 22

Racial and Ethnic Conflicts: Reconciling Differences and Healing Divisions

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MCHR Forum on Race Relations, May 22, 2008 Historically speaking, the racial and ethnic divisions that have existed in American society have not only created deep-seated envy and hatred among certain racial and ethnic groups but have always served the best interests of those who profit from those divisions. It is true that the histories […]

Jan 2008 21

A Season of Change

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Positive and Negative Changes in American Society Since the Death of Martin Luther King Jr. Delivered at the M. O.S. E.S Banquet January 21, 2008 If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today what we he say about the current state of American and the changes that have occurred in our nation the past forty […]

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