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Nov 2011 09

Creative Problem Solving: A Jesus Perspective

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Delivered on the Lord’s Day Political Candidates Sunday/October 23, 2011  II Kings 4:1-7; Matthew 19:16-26; Luke 12:16-2  The scriptures for today’s sermon provide a glimpse into the power of creative thinking. Jesus, the master teacher, always provided food for thought through lessons that challenged people to think differently about themselves and world so they could solve […]

Oct 2011 04

Beyond Our Walled Streets

Posted in Sermons, Social Justice

Delivered on the Lord’s Day | July 25, 2010 Luke 10:25-37 It is the nature of democracy to have competing interests among citizens that often create conflict between them. There is tension between have and have not, rich and poor, black and white which thankfully has compelled our country to look squarely at itself, shed […]

Oct 2011 04

The Problem of Moral Relativism

Posted in Religion, Sermons

Delivered on the Lord’s Day | April 13, 2008 I Samuel 28:1-10 John 8:1-11 Writer C.S. Lewis once stated that human beings often operate out of a system of value that says, “My neighbor has done something wrong because he is bad and I did something wrong because I didn’t get enough sleep.” What Lewis […]

Oct 2011 04

Evangelism for Social Justice

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Seldom do we conceive of evangelism as a concern for social justice. Traditional models of evangelism focus on developing strategies, principles, methodologies and programs design to make disciples by winning them to Christ. Evangelism as a form of outreach to the unchurched and unsaved presupposes the willingness of church members to extend themselves beyond their […]

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