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Jan 2008 21

A Season of Change

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Positive and Negative Changes in American Society Since the Death of Martin Luther King Jr. Delivered at the M. O.S. E.S Banquet January 21, 2008 If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today what we he say about the current state of American and the changes that have occurred in our nation the past forty […]

Oct 2007 06

Democracy in Peril: Voting our Values and Valuing Our Vote

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South Oakland County NAACP, October 6, 2007 Today as we look out over our beloved country, would it be an exaggeration to say that our democracy is in grave peril; that the ship of state appears to be nose-diving into a deep abyss; that special interests appear to be corroding our basic freedoms, rights and […]

Sep 2007 21

Power Beyond Measure

Posted in Social Justice, Speeches

Delivered at the State Convention of the NAACP, September 21, 2007 Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III “The measure of power is obstacles overcome.” Oliver Wendell Holmes “All spiritual or real power makes its own place.” Ralph Waldo Emerson The story of African America has been the history of a long journey towards realizing, developing and establishing […]

Apr 2007 26

Religion and Politics

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Panel Discussion Freedom Institute, April 26, 2007 Cobo Center Detroit, Michigan Historically speaking, the Christian religion began as a kind of religious and political movement and has always utilized politics both within the infrastructure of religious institutions themselves and within the superstructure of secular society. Religious faiths, structures and hierarchies often use politics as a […]

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