Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

Writings on Democracy, Social Justice, and Religion

“Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!”

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Throughout human history there always have been great men and women behind the curtains of  destiny fiddling and fumbling with the levers of ultimate and absolute power.

Sometimes such persons are known to the public. Other times they are just simply underground and can never be known.

We do know that such supreme power exists in all “kingdoms or Kin-doms” and the old maxims are true, “He who pays the fiddler always calls the tune.” “Whose bread I eat his songs I sing.” How about, “He who controls the levers of power knows the “grits from the granola” and ain’t so easily confused.”

With drastic-seismic shifts in the landscape of power politics these days manifesting so many questionable behaviors and decisive gaps in thinking by so called political leaders, there’s just got to be somebody —a Big Daddy–A King Fish–A Big Kahuna–A Boss Hogg in Charge–an Ubermensch Ventriloquist– somewhere behind the curtain puppeteering and orchestrating the silences of the oafs.

But who is the man, men or women behind it all whirling the batons of destiny now shaping if not derailing Oz or America’s democratic future?

Can there be only one Wizard who is the”Great and Powerful Oz?” Are there others –we’ll call them the “Ozzies–who are the dutiful minions and handmaidens to the main fat cat who is”His Dudeness in Chief?”

But who is he or she really? Is it a single soul, a Council of Corporates, a World Supreme Super Conglomerate comprised perhaps of the “terrible twos;”the most powerful people in the world shaping the character and paydirt of empires and nations?

Is it a few people everybody hears and knows about; a grey eminence standing in the dark shadows manipulating the fortunes and futures of the gilded misguided elites and the unbelieving, meandering masses?

Are they brokers of power who have everything but are never satisfied until they break everything and everybody else in society ensuring that nobody ever breathes or smells fresh-cut flowers or roses from the “gardens of democracy” ever again?

Or is he just a plain old regular guy readily confessing his peccadilloes to Dorothy like Professor Marvel did in the movie?

“Oh no, my dear; I’m really a very good man; but I’m a very bad Wizard, I must admit.”

Is there some Marvelesque grand master strategy at work where Oz is a primary test case and poster child for all humanity’s “clinking, clamoring, collisionist” attempts at democracy?

Does this Wizard manipulate the cosmos by petitioning Gods of the galloping-gusting gales? Like the Greek Aeolus, does he invoke the wind storms, create rain storms, devise hail storms, conjure flood storms, and requisition all torpedoing tornadoes in the region so that houses–not just in Kansas–fly off their foundations?

Does he uproot the geo-political bedrocks of Oz by Shock Doctrine or Shock and Awe excavations and reverberations?

Is he a dream weaver or a dream denier who slaughterhouses all benefits, opportunities and rights from the people then dooms their future by snake-oiling chronic fear and angst in them and makes their lives miserable by turning them against each other while auctioning off the shattered remains of their broken dreams?

Is he a magician? A professor? An entrepreneur?

Is he Chairman of the Winged Monkeys?

Is he a magnanimous miser, a gentle-portly potentate, an officious, austere authoritarian, a dictatorial prognosticator of misfortunes, or chief architect and benefactor of the “Oh No Zones?”

Does the Wizard pray?

Does the Wizard belong to a church, synagogue, temple or mosque?

Is the Wizard agnostic, atheist, heathen or Epicurean?

Is he a Bull Moose Lodge officer or member?

Is he savant or bon vivant?

Does he love Auntie Em, work for GM, own IBM or manage 3M?

Is he Raskolnikovian, antediluvian, undeservian or hooligan?

Is he Kafkaesque or Putinesque?

Does he dispatch depletion and deprivation in nano seconds and is of the insanely rich and abusively powerful or he is of the lowdown, dirty, shameful poor?

Who is this Wizard and what is his specialty?

Is it to build Oz and make it stronger for the Ozzians and Ozzettes or is it to vanquish its present modes of governance by making it weaker with the goal of taking it over from “we the peeps”-that is to say, the Munchkins by seizing absolute public power privately in ways which have seldom if ever been witnessed in human history and in the end if you challenge him “you’ll be hiss-toh-ree, you’ll be hiss-toh-ree, you’ll be hiss-toh-ree?

Does the Wizard care about or serve the best interests of the people or spend all his time behind the Big Green Curtain silently counting all that soilent green money?

Ozmologists say that Oz is the great Geiger Counter for all people who draws any and everybody near and far including other planets; like the goodies, biggies and shorties, the meanies, baddies, and fatties, the whities, darkies and leanies, and aren’t those with the crazy, multi-colored Easter outfits with the doilee-shaped cuffed pajama bottoms, and the cool sawed-off dudes with the long flowing, high collared robes with the big Oracle Scrolled Hats and handle bar mustaches, along with the Lilliputian punies and those with high, medium and low-pitched voices welcomed? Are they not all allowed?

What about the Lullaby League and the Lolly Pop Guild?

Aren’t all the people of Oz supposed to see and live green by eating greens (mostly Collards), drink green tea and have their day in the lime-light with emerald-green greenbacks in their lime greenish wallets hoping their own lives and the good earth will always grow and stay green?


Isn’t the Wizard a righteous “Evangeugenicist” who improves people by giving them hearts, brains and courage?

“Hallelujah yes!”

Or do the people travel all that way to see him just to behold and get their hands on those “Doo-Da-Lee Squat”-Certificates, red heart-shaped alarm clocks and those boss shiny flea-market gold frames?

Doesn’t the Wizard do what’s good for the people?

“Mos def.”

“If we get to Oz are we really supposed to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?”

“Are you for real, after travelling all that time and way are we just supposed to dis him?”

Don’t people seek the Wizard to find hope and character, gain strength and power to live with dignity and seek a new lease on life with a future filled with yellow brick promises, and evergreen dreams for tomorrow?

“Hail yes!”

“Can we take sleep among the poppies en-route to Oz?”

“That ain’t a bad idea!”

“No! We should stay woke and keep travelling to see and meet him and demand that he stop hiding behind the curtain!”

“But aren’t the things that we seek from him stuff that we have already such as the power to think and feel and be brave and beat all odds as we journey to Oz?”

” Oh Hail! Hail Yes!”

“Then why are we travelling to Oz if we’ve already got what we are trying to get?”

“So we can get on E.C.T, Emerald City Time and “phone home because there’s no place like home?”

“What if by the time we get there Oz ain’t there no mo and the Wizard done tiptoed back to Topeka or boogied back to Buloxi?””

Do we have to see the Wizard? Does the Wizard really want to see us?”

“Yeah, he’s looking for people who’s looking for him.”

“So we gotta follow the yellow brick road?”

“What other way we gonna get there?”

“Will there be lions, tigers and bears?”

Oh My!

“When we get there let’s just hope that the man behind the curtain don’t make us shuffle and beg on him for anything. I needs my healthcare.”

“If he does then what we supposed to do? Put on our red high-heeled shoes, click our heals three times and go home?”

Well kinda, if we’ve got the shoes. Maybe Oz is the only place on earth where those shoes really work and the Wizard is the only person who can give us da shoes to fit our feets!

“Oh My!”


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