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Removing Biden from the Democratic Ticket Could Mean Political Suicide.

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Those urging President Joseph Biden to quit his post because he failed to deliver last Thursday night’s debate need to be called back from the edge. Any attempt to forcibly remove Biden could spell political suicide for Democrats plain and simple. Exiting the stage now amid all the noise about finding a suitable replacement other than vice-president Kamala Harris would not only add insult to injury but raise the righteous indignation of millions of Americans. The truth is the president decides whether he will stay or leave his post. All suggestions by editorial boards, politicians, and pundits are nothing more than hot air. Biden should stay in office and keep fighting the good fight to victory this November.

The track record of Biden the last three and a half years has been excellent. Few if any presidents have accomplished as many goals for the American people as President Biden. His legislative record far surpasses many if not all his predecessors in recent history. He has kept his word and delivered on many of his promises. No president is perfect. There is more work to do. There’s no sense changing horses in the middle of the stream. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Get a grip Dems and all you old-age phobics insisting that Biden and Democrats take that fateful leap.

Moreover, have any of those furiously questioning Biden’s capacity to win the upcoming election shown anywhere near the same anger and contempt toward Donald J. Trump? If anyone should immediately drop out of the presidential race it is King Donald whose Imperial Politics of revenge, resentment, and hatred continue to undermine and putrefy our constitution while stinking up the whole country.

Biden mumbled, stumbled,  jumbled, and fumbled some of his words. It’s not like his dentures—if he wears them—dropped to the floor while talking or he messed up on all counts in his time at the podium that night. Get over it. Don’t exaggerate or needlessly amplify what happened at the so-called debate. Don’t go to bridge over that. Instead, bring your basket. Find a tree in the shade. Sit down. Put your teeth back in your mouth. Launch and munch a happy meal. Think about what you are doing. Reset your headset. Get up! Go back to work for freedom, sanity, and civility in America!

So stand by your president. Joseph A. Biden remains the best bet at leading our nation through all the political garbage, legislative rubbish, and media manure mostly created by Republicans and Trump. Americans are tired of holding their noses from all the stench and political bull. Away with it all now and keep your eyes on the prize for the people. It’s all about the people. It’s all about keeping our Democracy.

Long live leaders who want to clean up the mess and make a stronger America than those who want to go to the bridge and take that ridiculous leap into what may only turn out to be two feet of water.

If you give a dance you’ve got to pay the band, Turning out the band leader midway through the song who brought you to the dance whose sweet music keeps you on the floor means that you may have to forget about him and find another to get you back home alone.

Stop the noise. Get a grip. Hold on for the ride it will only get better. Quit panicking and get ready f to vote for four more years with Joseph A. Biden as our next President of the United States of America.

Carlyle Fielding Stewart


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