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So After All The Years of Struggle and All The Movements Which Have Fought for American Freedom, Do We Now Want to Surrender America’s Sovereignty With Another Free Trade Deal?

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“Ok. Ok. Ok,” says Leo Getz to Murtaugh and Riggs in Lethal Weapon 2 to get their attention and clarify the meaning of the subject in question.

So now after all of our trials and tribulations, the many thousands gone, the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have fought, bled and died for America’s freedom we want to sign away America’s sovereignty with a free trade deal?

“Ok. Ok. Ok.” If this is true help me understand what you mean by this and why we want to do this to America after we have come this far. After all the trouble, trials, suffering and pain the American people have undergone to build and grow America and to establish and solidify its unique identity as the freest nation on earth we now want to pulverize the Three Great Documents of Freedom and banish our most cherished ideals with the stroke of a pen?

Does the American brand of freedom mean unfettered license to quixotically sign away America’s sovereignty and to profligately subordinate the people’s will and interests solely to transnational corporations?

And since corporations are now people does it mean the “people” will have a conscience by repudiating such acts because of the harm it may ultimately bring to America?

With all the years that we have toiled for our basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as individuals and as groups, will we now relinquish our national sovereignty for the TPP?

Will we now just forfeit everything that we have worked, prayed and fought for, everything that we have organized, marched and dissented for, and everything that we have ever hoped for by this one act of inveterate surrender?

“Ok. ok. ok. Calm down John and Jane Q Citizen.”

What will this all really mean?

“It is a regional trade agreement aimed at integrating the economic, legal, and political systems of Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand. Peru, Singapore, Vietnam- and the United States. As such, it proposes a radical, unconstitutional transformation of our republic and the entire governing structure of our nation.”

Will it hermetically seal the “deal” on the corporate conquest of America?

Will it hasten the precipitation of an already creeping and insidious”Demosclerosis?”

Will it imperil domestically the sovereignty struggles of individuals and groups which have characterized the machinery of American progress the past two centuries and thus nurtured and indelibly branded our nation’s constitutional character?

Will it undercut the power of American Government to retain its own aegis and counsel, its own principles of preponderance and pre-eminence; and finally pre-empt it from determining and re-shaping its own destiny?

Will it create a nebulous shadow “Out There-Ocracy” that may ascribe every insult, injury and intrusion to our national sovereignty to an extraneous, amorphous, phantasmic, spookish dupery-a ghostly global vagary, which can never be tracked, named, known or held accountable because of its etheric nature and its mysteriously polymorphic persona which in the final analysis will create more confusion than clarity about who we are and where we are going as a free and independent nation?

Will it mean that America will no longer be America and the end of American Democracy?

Will it mean more American jobs gone, more American unions gone, more American freedom gone, more American prosperity gone, more of the good and great America gone, more hope for the future gone, more austerity and disparity not gone but ever here as never before?

You mean “gone country gone?”

“I mean “gone country forever gone, slip, sliding away gone.”

“Ok. Ok. Ok, I get it,” says Leo. “You’re fooling me and got to be kidding me, right?”

No, Leo!

“We are not fooling! We are not kidding! We may be right.”

“It may come to that if we don’t undo, redo and rethink again what we are doing. To  surrender our sovereignty may be abrogating our birthright to forever live as a free thinking, free striding, liberty-loving, justice-seeking, equality honoring people.”

Don’t sign away our sovereignty.  We have come too far and longed too long and lived too proudly and victoriously to give it all up in the flash of one glad shining moment.

Every nation that has abdicated its freedom and rights to be has come to lament and regret it later. History has proven this and it may be no different for a still much beloved and great country like America whose freedom and sovereignty also mean the power to reinvent itself and the latitude to redefine its future against all odds foreign and domestic.

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