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So You Thought Republicans Had Given Up on Repealing Healthcare?

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Harriet A. Washington in her monumental work Medical Apartheid cites a poignant observation by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to black and white physicians of the Medical Committee for Human Rights in 1965 after the Selma to Montgomery march, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhumane.”

While Dr. King spoke to the medical realities of black and poor people, his words have relevancy today for many other Americans in the struggle for health care justice in America.

Well it seems that Republicans are at it again repealing Obama care and the proposed bill is even worse than all the previous versions. This time pre-existing conditions are being completely wiped out and even Medicaid is on the chopping block.

Republicans say there will be little or no discussion about the bill and once again the Grand Old Party will make attempts to throw off the rolls Americans badly in need of such care.

What’s wrong with these people? Do they have hearts and souls? Why are they so hell bent on passing this deplorable legislation which impacts one sixth of the American economy?

The problem is not only the content of the legislation itself which few people have read, but the methods by which they want to ram it through Congress.

The paradox is health care should be about healing people but the “what” and “how” of this cruel legislation will bring a painful and injurious result to millions of Americans.

The entire process appears to be a form of “health care roulette” and for many Americans who have serious medical conditions, it is equivalent to putting more than one bullet in the gun’s chamber. It is democracy in its most brutal and abject form because it harms and virtually leaves for dead millions of Americans.

Why are Republicans insisting on passing this bill? Is it because they loathe Obama and want to stonewall and abolish his legacy? Is it because they have made promises to health insurance companies and Big Pharma to abolish affordable health care in exchange for huge campaign contributions thus giving those companies even more of the lion’s share of health care dollars? Is it a gambit designed to provide tax reductions to the wealthy or score legislative points when Republicans have put no points on the political scoreboard? Is there some other reason?

Who’s behind all this and why do the Republicans keep putting a “gun” to the American people heads?

President Obama stated that he and others understood that Affordable Health care was not perfect when it was created, but obliterating it without a replacement is cruelty and selfishness of the worst order.

How about a plan that all Americans and the business community can co-sign or creating a better plan -full coverage for Americans are covered without the astronomical costs in a single payer system?

One irony of all is that politicians pushing this bill already have healthcare funded by the very people they are trying to take health care from; the American tax payers. They have no worries or concerns because most if not all of them have comprehensive coverage.

At issue is also health care as a commodity instead of a basic human right. A commodity is defined as having use value and exchange value. If viewed as a basic human right then it becomes a moral and constitutional imperative which takes on a new urgency and provides more momentum so that health care can be made affordable for all Americans.

Just as you might have thought Republicans had given up on repealing Obama care, they are back at it again.

This means that the American people-God bless and strengthen them all- will also be right back at it again in the streets and offices of their elected officials protesting this horrendous legislation.

The American people must never give up the fight to right a wrong or turn right side up what some Republicans want to keep turning upside down.



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