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Stop the Political Scapegoating!

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With all the political chicanery required in election politics how can prospective voters believe what politicians are saying to get their votes?

Part of the political game is to say what people want to hear to grab their attention and galvanize their support.

Donald Trump recently crossed the line when he publicly likened undocumented Latino, Hispanic and Chicano immigrants to criminals.

It is the same old tawdry game of blame gaming poor and so-called minorities and many of these politicians should be embarrassed by the pernicious stereotyping and criminalizing of many hard-working people who have come to this country to find a new life and to make a decent living for themselves.

Such racial broad brushing is not only perplexing but perpetuates wrongful stereotypes of persons by scapegoating the entire group for the misdeeds of a few people in that group.

Other politicians have used similar rhetoric in critiquing blacks, women and gays but none glibly as Trump.

I am personally offended each time I hear these sophistic, supposititious, Neanderthal perambulations, and even more perplexed at the guffaws and loud roars of approval from their audiences.

Some of the ideas fueling such stereotyping stem in part from feelings that black, brown and other people are always taking things that really don’t belong to them from the folks who deserve to have it all; that they are always wrongfully confiscating and leeching the lion’s share of the American dream and its payouts, always swiping unfair advantages like the right to vote, or are secretly pirating all the menial, hazardous but important jobs that other Americans seldom if ever want to do or by engaging in other machinations that endanger America’s freedoms and threaten the whole hog.

Documentation for American citizenship is one thing which can be summarily remedied by meaningful legislation and swift, compassionate strokes of a pen. Trashing the images of an entire group of people for the sake of political pandering and skullduggery is quite another.

Many ideas shared by Trump resonate with voters and beg to be said. The American people are starving for a leader who will tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but vilifying Latinos and immigrants who come to this country for a better life is not one of them and needs to be ripped from his political playbook and put into the incinerator.

Political candidates must stop scapegoating and using offensive racial stereotyping to win elections. They should respect the rights of all persons by building more bridges for greater harmony for the common good off all Americans and not more walls that castigate, alienate and divide them.

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  1. Mcelhenney Avatar

    Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  2. Angelacrees Avatar

    You always say the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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