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Aug 2012 11

“If We Can Land on Mars, We Can Preserve and Creatively Rebuild American Democracy.”

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What really amazes me about our country is how we can ingeniously explore new frontiers in science, medicine, industry and other fields of human endeavor but can’t devise a creative political culture that will consistently move our nation forward. If we can land on Mars why can’t politicians use the political system and “political eugenics” to help millions of Americans out of the doldrums of despair? America is like no other nation on earth. Few countries can boast or rival our greatest scientific […]

Nov 2011 09

Creative Problem Solving: A Jesus Perspective

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Delivered on the Lord’s Day Political Candidates Sunday/October 23, 2011  II Kings 4:1-7; Matthew 19:16-26; Luke 12:16-2  The scriptures for today’s sermon provide a glimpse into the power of creative thinking. Jesus, the master teacher, always provided food for thought through lessons that challenged people to think differently about themselves and world so they could solve […]

Jan 2003 21

The Color of Our Skin and the Content of our Curriculum: Towards the Beloved Community

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Delivered at Derby Middle School, Birmingham, Michigan | January 21, 2003 He was one of the most important persons of the twentieth century. Perhaps no other person since Winston Churchill and Mohandas K. Gandhi, has one person had as broad an impact in shaping the conscience of a nation. The only American civilian who has […]

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