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May 2012 23

“Now Let Us Praise Real Leaders With Moral Courage.”

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The philosopher Plato said that the highest human virtue is courage. Physical courage draws the admiration and praise of people everywhere and is a salient characteristic of our greatest heroes and heroines. The great literature of Western Culture and civilization is filled with the valiant exploits of both men and women who have ridden the high tides of adversity and made stupendous sacrifices to serve a cause nobler […]

Jan 2007 15

Leadership Lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Delivered at the Museum of African American History Detroit, Michigan Martin Luther King, Jr Day, January 15, 2007 “I had decided that I would not sit back and watch but should lead them back to the buses myself.” MLK, Jr. More than ever in our society and world today, we need leaders who possess compassion, […]

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