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  • Should Christians Only Be Concerned About “Spiritual Things” And Stay Out of Politics?

    Several weeks ago I had a discussion with a man who said quite heatedly. “Christians should only be concerned about spiritual things and stay out of politics.” I asked this man why he thought that spiritual things did not involve our participation in politics since so much of political decision making affects us at every level of our daily lives. I…

  • And Still We Rise

    And Still We Rise

       “And Still We  Rise ” Delivered on the Lord’s Day for Black History Month  January 28, 2007 Acts 26:12a-18; Nehemiah 2:11-20 Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III  So they said, Let  us rise up and  build. Then they set  their hands to this good work.” Nehemiah 2:18b “So I said, “Who are  you Lord?” And  he  said, “Iam  Jesus, whom you…