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“There’s Nothing Worse Than Wasted Talent”

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I’ll never forget the famous line in the movie by one of my favorite actors, Robert De Niro, in his directorial debut, A Bronx Tale:

“There’s nothing worse than wasted talent.”

Everybody has a talent which he or she uses for better or worse.

And yes, there are some people appearing to have no talent at all.

Still others have a talent for wasting talent and potential.

Mitch McConnell, Republicans and Democrats all have talent.

But what a monumental waste of talent and potential we see unfolding before our very eyes today in America especially by Republicans.

Never in recent memory has so many Republicans frittered away their political, intellectual and moral capital for so few.

The colossal waste of creative and innovative ideas and the dearth of political will by leaders with true vision create a continuing quagmire of stagnation reaching far beyond the Washington beltway.

Have Republicans lost the talent and swag of the Grand Old Party by majoring in so many minors, by squandering precious time repealing health care from millions of Americans with no viable replacement and by gorging the wealthy on unneeded tax cuts?

Who needs this at a time like this in our country?

Why fiddle while Rome burns?

Why is so much of the people’s and media air time wasted with the President’s political magic shows diverting our attention from the real and meaningful work we all should be doing to get this country moving in the right direction again for all Americans?

What a waste of time, energy, potential and talent. What political entropy!

With all the infrastructure projects in America awaiting the brawn and brains of willing workers and with all the innovation still pleading great bodies and minds in the fields of technology, industry, humanities, science and every day work, the great American spirit of freedom and discovery is stilted by reductio ad absurdum (reduction to absurdity) politics of the worst Lilliputian variety.

Needed are bold and creative ideas; leaders having der Wille zur Macht (the will to power)to cut the wastrel, profligate impulses and zero growth political maneuvers which lead nowhere and waste precious energy in a country desperate for progress and leadership.

The Democrats understand this and have finely tuned this need to move America forward for all, but are stuck on a playing field where Republicans seem to not even want them to suit up for the game.

Even with both houses of Congress, the Oval office and the whole hog, so to speak, in their possession, Republicans just keep cutting out the people who can help them most by wasting time and potential on things that matter only to them.

Contrary to recent political doublespeak, most Americans don’t give a hoot about the Republican political platform which only seems to help the rich and pummels the middle class and poor by taking the life and livelihood away from everyday Americans.

Now that they have the whole political hog what will Republicans do with it?

Even those with the whole hog sometimes realize that the end of the hog can be the beginning of the sausage.


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