Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

Writings on Democracy, Social Justice, and Religion

Too Many Tears!

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The tears keep coming; the tears of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, boyfriends and girlfriends and other friends which have no end.

We see it too often. The grim, solemn processions of everyday people filing past the caskets of their beloved children gunned down in broad daylight on cold city streets.

We are tired of the violence; tired of the quick quips, the short reasons and the long verses for that violence; tired of fear and suspicions that render our young black men suspects before they get ree-spect, even before the juries have been enjoined.

We are tired of the madness, the sadness, the hateful glee that enshrouds itself in gladness.

We are tired the trite trivializations, the smug rationalizations, and the “its just another nigger dead,” reverberations; tired of the sorry songs and sorrow songs that linger like vapors in the night beyond the wee hours of the intruding sunlight of fog filled mornings.

There are too many tears born of too many fears that all too soon for our youths strangle death from life, daylight from midnight; dusk from dawn, in miseries cavalcades and angry parades from mourning to morning.

We are tired of the choke holds of death; the bullets with their names on them;the-death rattled groanings of youths falling limp and numb  in the stone cold silences of the blackest nights.

There are just too many tears for too many years and we are all just too tired.

We are tired of the spectacle; tired of the “why” rituals of “how; the litanies of pain, the blood drenched, sorrow soaked, tear stained programs with obituaries that are too short, for lives punctuated and abbreviated before they reach the noonday of their lives.

We are tired of the violence; tired of the hatred, tired as we age with each young death.

There are too many tears. Too many tears. Just too many tears.

God wash away our tears, dispel our fears that we may live together as one.

God keep our children safe, bring our children back and keep our children strong.

Through too many tears…… escalating fears, God please prolong their years…

Through these too many tears…….

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