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A Victory for the People!

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Yesterday was a great day in our nation. Every day people, people needing health care won a sweet victory with the Supreme Courts decision upholding the constitutionality of Obama Care. The progressive movement, reeling from a bitter defeat in Wisconsin, is now regaining momentum. Buoyed by the Supreme Court’s recent decision, the movement is re-surging confidence as it moves toward the presidential elections this November.

Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote. The Robert’s Court after giving one presidential election to George W. Bush, voting in favor of Citizens United which has thoroughly corrupted our political system by allowing corporations to pour astronomical sums of money undisclosed into political campaigns, should be commended for upholding the legitimacy of Obama’s political magnum opus.

For too long now every day Americans have been laboring under the awful onus of watching their jobs, homes, labor unions, pensions, health care and the education of their children taken away from them. For too long now, too many people have hung their heads in ignominious defeat, questioning the integrity of their decisions to send representatives to Washington and their own state houses who don’t seem to give a tinker’s damn about them. For too long now we have watched almost helplessly as the judicial system in various parts of our nation has become politicized and corrupted. The spirit, morale and Zeitgeist of the country seem to have evaporated in the midst of all the political hankering and back biting as average Americans caught in the political tailwinds of these disputes have too often become the real political casualties.

For too now long, too many Americans have been battered and bruised by indifferent, reticent and apathetic politicans who seem more interested in giving everything to the rich than giving something to the poor. Even many of the rich themselves who are often blamed for these shameful trends want to do their fair share in rebuilding and restoring America. Not all American millionaires and billionaires want to see their country go down the drain by not paying their fair share of taxes and taking everything away from the little man.

The people of America needed this victory. We needed something to restore our confidence in the direction of American Democracy. We needed something that would lift our spirits and give us hope in the midst of all of the political trash talking, gangster posturing and political bullying from the right wing ideologues and their political mouthpieces. We needed someone with moral courage and the correct judicial thinking to make the right decision and Roberts and his court have done that. He has gone against the grain of his conservative constituents and many of them are outraged, incensed and have literally lost their minds by this decision.

But this is not a time to become complacent. While we can high five this victory, it is time to keep rolling up our sleeves and get to work. There are numerous battles that lie ahead. Democracy is still at risk and if the people do not raise their voices in concern and protest against the current trends sending our country spiralling into the abyss, we all will lose our democracy which seems to be slowly dismantled sound bite by sound bite and brick by brick. We all will lose. Rest assured that we all will lose, just like in a very strange way we all as Americans won with Supreme Courts decision yesterday.

We won because humanity won. We won because righteousness won. We won because truth, justice and compassion won. We won because a President, Democrat lead Congress, four justices and one chief justice made a moral decision that will stand over time. We won because Democracy won. We won because the people won and our children won. We won because America and goodness and hopefulness won. We won because good people no longer have to die in the emergency rooms of our country because they cannot afford medical care or denied health care because of pre-existing conditions. We all won. Everyone of us one: conservative, liberal, black, white, brown, rich and poor. We all won and we should never forget this whatever side of the political spectrum we stand.

Let us march on then until victory on every level of our nation is won. Let us keep winning and let us keep moving forward! Thank God for this victory for the American people! Thank God for this victory! We needed it and thank God we got it for now! A victory for the people and a victory for American Democracy! Thank God!

2 responses to “A Victory for the People!”

  1. Dorothy Merchant Avatar
    Dorothy Merchant

    Pastor Stewart,
    Thank you for putting this victory into perspective. I am in awe of your insight and political prowess. You need your own television or radio show to reach more people. (Of course this would have to be apart from HUMC in order to avoid any conflict re: separation of church and state,etc. ) Enjoyed the dynamic way you presented the compelling unraveling of events that lead to this victory , the implications and the need for renewed vigilance to protect our democratic way of life which promises liberty and justice for all. THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING ON THE PLANET AND CARING ABOUT THE WORLD. YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND.
    P.S.. .
    You rock, Doc” ! 🙂

    1. cfstewart Avatar

      Thanks my good friend and buddy. You are always on the mark with your comments. Few people can provide the kind of analysis that you do in understanding context of my comments. Currently looking into getting these docs into a wider venue like Huffington Post and some other blogs. Will keep you posted as to progress. Thanks much and blessings to you.

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