Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

Writings on Democracy, Social Justice, and Religion

Violence and Hatred Will Not Eliminate More Violence and Hatred

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“Some people so filled with hatred, resentment and anger toward other people they cannot bring themselves to empathy, compassion and understanding for them. They cannot help who they are, what they are and what they have become. Years of mental illnesses, social indoctrination, political group-think and political party “uni-quack,” psych and culture wars, racial, ethnic, religious and gender biases, misinformation, lies, stereotypes, half-truths and propaganda have helped shape their consciousnesses, solidify personal identity, and perpetuate continuing alienation and loathing of “the others.”

So deep is their anger that their methods of absolving such rage have festered into acts of serial murder, malevolence and repeated violence, and in the end do nothing to finally remove their innate pain and the internal conflicts driving their fear and scorn of the hated.

To the brink and over the edge into the seething cauldron of debilitating despair they plunge, fully submerging themselves into the hellish, nightmarish spectacle of more violence, killing, mass murders and more hatred where agonies morph into quasi ecstasies, and unquenchable, insatiable blood-lusting only create more feelings of fragility, vulnerability and pain not only for victimizers and their families but also their victims, whose lives they have needlessly and senselessly destroyed and stolen away.

In the end, such acts of violence bring no sweet relief nor a heightened sense of manhood or real power but only more impotence, hatred, and fear which beset the soul and wrangle the mind and continue in a demented will to power, to self-degradation and dehumanization of the others.

Fear and hatred cannot drive out fear and hatred. In the end, only love can do that; only peace can do that; only resolute, sustained, resilient and vigilant, steadfast strength to stay the course of love, truth, compassion, peace and justice can do that.

In the end, only the miracle of genuine dialogue, empathy, restorative, compensatory justice, reconciliation and forgiveness can do that. Only long-term reorientation, personal, collective, spiritual, psychological, social, familial, communal, clinical, fiscal and other forms of rehabilitation, and intervention can help transform “hearts of darkness” into hearts of love and light.

Until we reach that golden shore of true understanding which is one of humanity’s greatest gifts and until we shed fear and hatred of the “others” and view them as extensions of ourselves and transform all walls into bridges and refrain from incendiary, injurious words brazenly spewed publicly and heatedly whispered privately, and as long as we continually deny, dismiss and ignore the “rights and grievances of the wounded,” we will never eradicate this continuing scourge and the sorcerous spell cast on America which will finally be to our dismay, peril and ultimate undoing.

God give us all the strength to love patiently and transformatively and the power to be open vessels of understanding, truth, retributive, distributive, restorative and procedural justice and instruments of genuine and lasting peace, grace and healing in our nation and world. 🙏🏾 Amen

Carlyle Fielding Stewart’


4:30 am, EST

March 24, 2021

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