Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

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Welcome To Hassmania!

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Located in the lower rungs of the upper bowels of the tighter enclosures of the boroughs of HASSBEN lies the kingdom of HASSMANIA—-once a shining, shimmering city on a hill— now being bum rushed and dip flipped by the tribal Curmudgeons, Ziggabytes, Wallopdytes, Troglodytes and Mythomaniacs and other minor schools of the rapscallion sectors of Destructobytes.

So we the “Briggas” and the “Doonies” of the Bright and Dark Brigades, now en-caped, en-foiled and bedecked in our infamous royal blue britches with bullet holes in the shape of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial shot through our back behind pockets, now moving with the velocities of musket muzzle shots and armed with embroidered effrontery, are determined to take our kingdom back by casting oodles with them that’s got the noodles, lest we nosedive in dastardly submission to the counsels of without.

With mythomaniacs telling lies so large and long they possess their own galaxies, black holes and zip codes, and Troglodytes grabbing and groping every ounce of ooze, oaf and bank while doping on Fixed Foxy News, and carnivore curmudgeons crepe rolling and veggie blending their opponents into Waldorf smoothies, and Wallopdytes imploring immigrant asylum seekers into resident cages as they scurry from death squads in their homelands, and bible thumping religio-cats proof texting scriptures and hail yes-ing God’s master plan for the brown people of Central and South America, now bemoaning such unholy Exodus with signature bibles tightly encrusted with ginger bread under-covers, with those tasty marsh mellow book markers, preaching fire, sass and Plexiglas, do we now launch partway, half way-there ain’t no way-between derogatory and purgatory or do we furiously goose stomp in lock step with King Midas Meglo in his role as “Virginia” Ham in chief en-route to his own apotheosis on Pardon Me Mount Rushmore with lagoon loonies and political ace coon boonies of his fire baptized base providing statistical stimulation for the rise of his current recrudescence- excuse me iridescence?

Where is Alfred Nobel and the committee when you need them?

Does he or she who runs the race not so swiftly get the prize?

Let all who enter here beware that this could the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning of the Kingdom of “Once-Was” now fleeing its future of Ain’t Got, Don’t want you to have nothing either, and Not-Yet,” now peopled by former denizens of the greatest country on earth and now the most tired, befuddled and huddled masses yearning still to break free from what’s fast becoming the worst show on earth.

Welcome to the kingdom of Hassmania where depletion means completion, where entropy is atrophy, order is chaos, heaven is hell, right is left, up is down, in is out, over is under, orange is the new red, war is peace, evil is good, sanity is lunacy, lies are truth, fake is real, hate is love and riches and freedom are poverty and slavery.

So what now? Let me re-phrase that. So now what?

Okay we’ve got the Mulligans but what about the Muellers-those of the vibranium-titanium varistors and people movers which we need more of to end the corruption and corrosion now decimating and pulverizing our Republic?

Hassmanians of the vibranium-titanium sector must unite! Never ever give up! The barbarians are now at the peepholes of the kingdom.

So please, please, please stop talking all this smack about this new wave of madness being the new radical conservatism. This is not conservatism at all but the anatomy of political destructiveness on display for all the world to behold. At best it’s jimmy crack corn and the corn ain’t got no kernels.

No! We need not the Hollow Men (T.S.Eliot) whose heads are full of straw, but the strong men (and women), the “strong men getting stronger,”(Sterling Brown) not just people with purse but people with principle who can take the kingdom back and set it back on the right track for all of the people all of the time.

Will Hassmania become the new has been nation whose pride and power are the new rising obsolescence whose meteoric plummet makes it the new dystopia devoid of any future cornucopia?

Will those with the true spirit; those with the vibranium/ titanium DNA (Black Panther The Movie) please step forward so we can once again take majestic flight like eagles and end our current descent into maelstrom?

Welcome to Hassmania where the most colossal divestiture of a “kingdom’s” resources ensues and is squandered by and on the profligate wastrels who don’t know what the hell they’re doing and are leading the greatest kingdom on earth straight into the dead and dread zones of a living Thanatos.

Let those remaining who still believe that our kingdom of Hassmania will finally become a true kin-dom, where everybody and every soul is a person possessing infinite potential who can make us all stronger, wiser, and greater while rising higher and leading the curve of all precocious and civilizing nations and kingdoms that will make for a better tomorrow.




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