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A Second Term of Donald Trump? What it Could Mean for America and the World.

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After years of writing articles on religion, democracy, and politics warning of the coming radical right-wing tsunami now shaking the foundations and threatening to destroy our Democratic Constitutional Republic, there is little doubt that America will face greater hardships if Donald J. Trump is re-elected.

Since his foray into American power politics, the former president has harshly and boldly flaunted a dystopian vision for America where the government of, by, and for the people will be abolished in favor of Fascist Authoritarianism. This means that 250 years of blood, sweat, and ultimate sacrifices in creating, augmenting, and sustaining our American Democratic Constitutional Republic will finally be destroyed with the stroke of a pen.

Plans have already been set and activated by the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and other radical right-wing think tanks to deconstruct the federal infrastructure and cripple the regulating agencies of government under Project 2025. This project will replace civil servants and government workers in federal agencies with Radical Right Wing Republicans. They say the project is conservative more than an insidious autocratic attempt to quietly takeover of our government.

If Trump wins re-election we can kiss “liberty and justice for all” goodbye as he has repeatedly tested the limits of governance. The people of this nation must do more than tolerate, appease, or excuse his brazen behavior. We must fight the good fight by giving him a final knockout punch at the polls thereby thwarting a hellish, nightmarish second term.

Friends, America is not a perfect country. There is no need to destroy American Democracy and replace it with an authoritarian, autocratic fascist system of government. This country’s struggle for human and civil rights has never been pain-free.  America is a work in progress; a city on a hill, still growing, thriving, and developing to become a nation true to its higher ideals.

While historically and presently the struggles for basic civil and human rights are often mired in resistance, resentment, and violence, I believe the best is yet to come for America. But another Trump term would kill the promise and practice of liberty and possibly wipe out forever America’s history and legacy of freedom at home and around the globe. Trump and the Radical Right Wing Republicans and Billionaires have done enough damage. Enough is enough.

In recent years, our nation has become increasingly polarized, fractured and made dysfunctional by partisan politics. But we have come too far to turn our backs and throw it all away. We must get our second wind and continue the battle for the heart and soul of this nation. We must never give up hope or relegate our freedoms to people who don’t give a damn about America in their mission to steal, kill and destroy America at any cost.

As Trump arrogantly blares the coming plague and disasters, a seismic shift toward world hegemony by autocratic-fascist countries appears to be gaining momentum with the latest elections in Europe which will eventually consolidate global power into a new world autocratic alliance that will undermine democratic nations and NATO which actively shepherded world peace through the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine after World War II.

Forty-five members of the Republican Party recently voted to defund Nato.

I know this seems impossible but anything can happen if “Trump and his supporters have their way” given their penchant for political stupefaction and do-nothingness resulting in legislative malpractice. More time than ever is frittered away in Congress by Republican bickering and stonewalling. The GOP appears to be nothing more than adolescents, political crybabies, silly, immature, prone to whining and complaining, bullies spewing spectacular lies punctuated by political temper tantrums. While the Emperor has no clothes, Big Daddy picks out their confederate red and grey costumes as they show up to plead his case and decry his being victimized by a corrupt judicial system that found Trump guilty on thirty-four counts.

Some call it a circus (praises to Matt Taibbi)  but others give the Circus a bad name. What I love about the circus is that everyone including the clowns, fire-eaters, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers and lion tamers invariably risk injury and death. But the GOP gives the circus a bad name. You can’t tame the lion by standing outside the cage pretending to be the real deal when you don’t have the right tools or self-discipline to get into the cage because you are not equipped to tame yourselves or the King of Jungle. Even more, if you decide to enter the cage you don’t bring cotton candy or cards to play pinocle or Old Maid with the lion unless you have a spare behind parts factory or are willing to become the meal of the moment or the month.

Neither Trump or his lackeys are inside the real political cage truly confronting and fighting formidable enemies for the rights, liberties, and justice of the American people. They are nothing more than carnival barkers, political play-actors, hucksters, fraudsters, and great imposters, down in the dumpsters seeking favor from Donald the Uber Trumpster. They don’t care about America. While kissing the ring of furious leaders may not have gone out of style, the GOP treats Donald J as if he were G.O.D. However, insanely running amok they are we must never fail to call them out.  Will somebody send in the real clowns who will take seriously risk-taking for their country for all the people to make this nation greater, better and stronger now and for generations to come?

All smack-talking and muckraking aside. Joseph Biden and the Democrats are in the cage fighting the good fight, dealing mostly with real down-home everyday issues. They understand that the world they are living in is more than bread and circuses as they seriously strive to do good for all Americans. They are doing more than running their mouths and pretending to be problem solvers. They are serious brokers and advocates for the American people.  All the Republicans do is snipe and gripe about Biden’s age as he continues to run circles around them politically. It’s not the age of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog who’s of age.

Most Democrats are taking giant steps by confronting and resolving the real problems of their various constituents. The problem now is that after Biden bombed his recent debate with Trump, the Democrats are foolishly calling for his removal because their quests for office might now be at stake on the Democratic ticket. After all, he is too feeble, forgetful and old. But one bad debate does not a bad president make. You don’t abandon the person who brought you to the dance unless you’ve got another way to get home.

It all seems so crazy because it is. However, implausible such a takeover by Trump and his Proscrustean retinue of followers may appear to the average citizen, “we must leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored; we must move heaven and earth, go through fire and water, ride the whirlwind and direct the storms” in the words of Addison. We take nothing for granted in these times. The adage is true, “ignore your rights and they will go away; demean and dismiss your country if you want, then mortgage or lose the house and orphan the children.” If America falls so fall other democratic countries in the“Global Alliance of Democratic Nations. “

Thus we must take Trump’s threats seriously. Dare we forget the terrible recent history of Adolf Hitler who forecasted and implemented his pogrom of evil for Post World War I Germany, which few people took seriously, in his infamous Mein Kampf culminating in the diabolical and unspeakable genocidal annihilation of over six million Jews, where droves of German people mesmerized by the spell-bounding speeches of the former wandering waif and Vienna Art School reject turned burgeoning messiah of the Master Race, the common folks drank the cool aid, and then in craven co-participation colluded with vicious overlords in scapegoating, snitch jacketing, and identifying too many innocent men, women and children as they were openly shot down in cold blood deported to Dachau, Auschwitz, Treblinka and other places of hell on earth ending with their wholesale butchery, gassing, and ultimate dispossession and annihilation?

William Shirer observed that Adolf Hitler was the last of the Caesarian conquerors.” Donald Trump may very well have similar visions for world subjugation. If someone shows you who they are believe them! But please stand up, speak up and fight back for your country and you believe your lying eyes.

The rise of Nazism and the persecution of Jewish people can be attributed partly to World War I where reparations were exacted from Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, which Hitler and his henchmen viewed as a form of overkill and developed their movement around the politics of revenge as many Jews were unfairly and wrongfully blamed as the causal sources of such disparities and injustices that allegedly bankrupted Germany due to reparations that raised the ire of Adolf Hitler and fed his meteroic rise to power.

Can we afford to follow demagogues, dictators, and despots, stagehands and stuntmen auditioning for that role in history by burying our heads in the sands pretending “it won’t happen here?” Part of Hitler’s programs were coopted from the American Negro Slavery—America’s Original Sin– and Jim Crow playbooks where hatred and discrimination of blacks and other people became a blueprint for race-based slavery and segregation that germinated into oppressive policies and reigns of terror that still exist today according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. This recent spike of hatred and attacks on American citizens has been attributed to the precipitative rise and virulent psychobabble of Donald J. Trump punctuated and reinforced by the MAGA Movement’s slavish devotion and adherence to him because according to the Maggites, “he reflects who we are.”

What’s unfolding in our country did not begin yesterday. Such hatred, unfortunately, is in the political and racial DNA of too many Americans past and present and too often used as wedge issues and scare tactics by Republicans, and now appropriated by Trump supporters, who believe the time is ripe to take back their country by exacting revenge on people of color, women, the poor, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, members of the LGBTQ+ communities and other so-called ‘vermin” who do not fit their homogenized standards of “one size fits all” or Renaud Camus’  “You Will Not Replace Us” or the “Global Golgotha of Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints.

This pogrom has also been instigated partly by the continuing internal devaluation and dissolution of America’s vanguard institutions of freedom as we observe the slow process of disintegration; the deification of Trump over the rule of law, the utilization of Orwellian-type “ministry of truth” campaigns of disinformation, blatant denigration and subjugation of immigrants, the poor and the working poor, the termination of civil, human and reproductive rights, the “stoogification” of the GOP and the cult-like zombification of his political base who are just too dat-gummed gleefully cheerful and docilely facile in carrying out Herr Trump’s vision of megalomaniacal grandeur and absolute power.

Add the full-throated, muzzle-guzzling, bible-thumping idolatry and blasphemy of corrupt, glassy-eyed, self-righteous, Gantryesque religionists who have distorted the Gospels and transformed Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ of faith into a card-carrying bigot, an Apostate from Hell as they bloviate and propagate their tailor-made, proof-texted, Epistles of Hatred.

Let’s get real. This is another episode of Adventures in “Hassmania.” The quest is for world-dominating power plain and simple. Power is fully operational. Will it be the love of power or the power of love that guides us? What’s religion got to do with it especially when it begins as fantasy and ends as farce?

The goal of all politics is justice. The goal of the Gospels is justice through Jesus’s ministry of redemption, repentance, forgiveness, salvation, resurrection and liberation of the people from various forms of personal and social bondage.  Salvation is not only otherworldly and of heaven but also related to life on this earth; a means of saving the person from starvation, oppression, sickness and death in an unfair, unjust world. It means rescuing the people by policies that treat them as holy and worthy of the largesses and benefits that the wealthy and the healthy already have. Justice is not an otherworldly, sweet bye-and-bye concept but principles relevant to life down here on the ground essential to the coming, but not yet fully here—the Kingdom of God on earth, especially for practicing Christians.

Jesus was a Jew whose ministry was rooted in the best of Jewish prophetic traditions, closely identified with Moses and Elijah whose ministries involved confrontation with Kings and existing power structures as they called out political malpractice and oppression (Exodus Chapters 1-14, (I Kings Chapters 18-21), and other prophets Isaiah (Luke 4:18-19)  Jeremiah (Matthew 21:1-17); referenced as guideposts for ministry practices in the larger world and in religious precepts and practices. Scholar Bart Ehrman states, “We fail to differentiate between the religion that Jesus preached and the religion that preaches Jesus.”George Foot Moore tells us the core values of such ministry are justice, truth, and peace.  Justice is not confined to the courtroom but should be lived out daily in actions, interactions, and transactions of people among the communities, institutions, and organizations they live and govern. The Christian Religion is not averse to justice; justice is a core value for all people including the little ones who are the least of these which includes men, women and children.

Similarly, sin is not just confined to individuals but also relevant to corporate, institutional, and collective sins of nations and governments in how they treat their citizens. Doing right by the people by meeting justice should materialize in real-time without fear or favor. God is just as concerned about the aggregate sin of nations, institutions, and organizations in how the people are corporately treated as God is concerned with the solitary sins of individuals especially if they pronounce they are “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.” The concerns are the foundation of Covenants and Commandments. The Ten Commandments are also related to the personal, community and property rights of God’s people. “Honoring thy father and mother is a way of protecting all the elders of the community and not just one’s parents.

Moreover, are the ultra-right wing-wealthy culpable for making possible the emergence of the new demagogic horde posing as new wolves in sheep’s clothing? Do tax cuts curry favor plutocrats who appear to have sold their souls to the devil to finance Trump and the GOP’s campaigns–thanks to Citizens United and the actions of a shamefully biased Supreme Court?  Do some oligarchs have a master plan to consolidate world hegemonic power where the means justify their ends as they become a new ruling global elite primarily consisting of autocratic, authoritarian flavors of the month in the quest for a Brave New Trumpian World?

If Donald J. Trump wins a second term, let the buyer beware that the Faustian delusions of Trump’s revenge politics of “putsch and pummel” will menacingly and detrimentally come to pass not only domestically but globally. Once we lose democracy we may never get it again. Thus we “must pay any price and bear any burden to ensure the survival of liberty in our country and the world over.

Take Donald J. Trump and the Radical Republicans seriously–stop calling them conservative–  however unhinged and demented they appear, as they trample and shred and burn The Three Great Documents of Freedom; the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, with reckless abandon. We had better be aware that the former president is for real in the dissemination of his diabolical plans from establishing concentration camps to unlawful deportations, from dismantling and destroying our current system of government to jack-stepping over the world in an unbridled conquest for absolute power, which corrupts absolutely.

Re-electing Donald Trump would be a disaster for American Representative Democracy and the world for several reasons based on various perspectives and past behaviors of his first term in office. Here are some similar and additional reasons why some people hold this view:

1. Division and Polarization: Trump’s presidency was marked by profound divisions with increasing polarization within American society. His rhetoric and policies often deepened divides along political, racial, and social lines, potentially threatening the cohesion necessary for a functioning democracy.

2. Attacks on the Electoral Process: Trump’s repeated false claims about election fraud, especially related to the 2020 presidential election, without evidence, have undermined public trust in the electoral process. This erodes a foundational pillar of democracy: the peaceful and legitimate transition of power based on free and fair elections.

3. Undermining of Institutions: Throughout his term, Trump openly criticized and attempted to undermine various democratic institutions, including the judiciary, the press, and the electoral system. Such actions can weaken the checks and balances essential to democratic governance.

4. Foreign Policy Concerns: Trump’s foreign policy stances, including his approach to allies and adversaries, have sometimes been seen as erratic or undermining traditional alliances like NATO. Some argue that this has weakened the United States’ position on the global stage, potentially destabilizing international norms around democracy and human rights.

5. Rule of Law and Ethics Concerns: The Trump administration faced numerous ethical and legal inquiries, including investigations into possible ties with Russia, impeachment inquiries, and questions about financial dealings. Critics argue that disregarding ethical norms and the rule of law can erode democratic governance.

6. Media Relations and Free Press: Trump’s adversarial relationship with the media, characterized by labeling mainstream news outlets as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people,” has raised concerns about the erosion of the free press. A strong, independent media is crucial for democracy, providing checks on power and informing the public.

7. Social Media and Disinformation: Trump’s use of social media platforms to disseminate misinformation and to communicate directly with followers, bypassing traditional media, has raised issues about the spread of disinformation and its impact on public discourse and democracy.

It’s important to note that views on Trump’s impact on American democracy are deeply divided. His supporters might argue that his presidency addressed neglected issues, challenged political elites, and represented a pushback against globalization and liberal policies they see as harmful to American interests.

The concerns outlined above represent perspectives from critics who believe that the actions and approaches taken by Donald Trump during his presidency and afterward could have long-lasting negative effects on the principles and practices of democracy in the United States and the world.

Long live Democracy and freedom across the world! May we never take our Democracy for granted and may we never give in to tyrants willing to sell their souls to the devil at the expense of our beloved country and the lives of future generations.

Carlyle Fielding Stewart


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