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What Americans Want!

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Now that the great Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton for democratic candidate for President and the progressive political revolution will continue well into the future, is America ready for its first female president?

My answer is a resounding “yes!”

Americans are yearning,  Bernie and Jill Stein notwithstanding, for a serious political candidate who is experienced, knows the issues and has a master plan for making America better, stronger and more empathetic to the needs of common folk.

The people want a candidate who can refrain from all the hateful rhetoric which  demonizes and insults black people, women, gays, lesbians, white people, poor people, Muslims, Sikhs, Asians, Jews, transgenders, atheists, agnostics, Chicanos, Mexicans, Latinos, immigrants, many others and rich people simply because of their wealth.

They want a candidate who can speak to the real issues by addressing the real needs of all Americans such as unemployment, bringing jobs back to America, fortifying public education, creating safe streets, ensuring clean water and clean air, building strong infrastructures and strong businesses, safe community policing, developing fair trade policies, and student loan and consumer policies that give students a chance to find gainful employment and pay back their loans.

They want honest and open food labeling so they can know what they are putting into their bodies.

They want an end to global warming.

They want an end to corporate welfare entitlements.

They want a country where women can rule and make decisions over their own bodies.

They want a country where veterans are honored through fair employment opportunities and other benefits and not subject to the medical run around after fighting our wars and giving their hearts and souls, blood, sweat and tears to our country.

They want a person who will not “fix” what’s not broken such as Social Security, Medicare, pensions and other hard-earned benefits for the American people and challenge Wall Street to become good stewards, true leaders and honest brokers of our fiscal integrity.

They want a fair and just society for all people-no exceptions-and the end to Citizens United and the corrupting influences of dark money in politics.

They want a society where all Muslims and all people of Middle Eastern descent are not collectively and wholly stigmatized as terrorists and all people can freely and finally live in peace.

They want communities where black men and women can safely walk the streets, drive to their chosen destinations without being gunned down in cold blood and an end to police officers being unjustly targeted and killed as fair game by criminals.

They want a country where Black Lives Matter and other peaceful organizations calling to account the mistreatment of black and other people in America will be not blamed for creating the problems they are rightfully protesting or protecting because they also believe that all lives matter and want an end to all forms of violence.

They want a country which recognizes and honors the rights of all indigenous, first nation peoples.

They want a country where leaders are more concerned about implementing and sustaining good government rather than decrying the wrong size of government.

They want a country of equal pay for equal work for women.

They want a country where unions still have the freedom to organize and protect the rights of American workers.

They want a country where athletes can peacefully protest injustices without being maligned and threatened with death.

They want a “do something meat-on-the-table, not a green eggs and ham Congress” with less buster and more filler, with the courage to enact current laws such as Glass-Steagall and institute meaningful political reforms.

They want a serious presidential candidate concerned for every American-a real person with compassion, resilience and strength- who will unashamedly and undauntedly build a country with true liberty and justice for all.

They want the politics of action and not armchair or lip service politics.

The people want a country where they can walk by faith and not by fear and galvanize their strengths to make their country better.

They want a prison system designed to truly reform and rehabilitate offenders and grant them employment and the right to vote after serving their time.

They want a strong defense but not a defense budget that obviates and overwhelms other important programs such as education and scientific innovation and exploration.

They want a country where elected representatives will do the real work of making this country stronger by passing legislation that will meet real needs, protect consumers and not squander the potential of our political process by refusing to cast votes or pass legislation out of hatred, resentment or fear.

They want leaders who will not shut down our government in protest costing citizens billions of dollars but will strengthen our government by redress.

They want a country that does not live by the seven last words, “We never did it that way before,” as an excuse for doing nothing, but a country that subscribes to the seventeen most important words, “There is no limit to what you can do if you don’t mind who gets the credit.”

And they want the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians to win the World Series!

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