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Apr 2017 27

A Principle Centered Democracy? Part II

Posted in America, Compassion, Democracy, Diversity, Equality

The discussion that Helmut and I had about the need for a principle centered democracy in the previous article veered off into the numerous racial problems preventing American democracy from actualizing its highest virtues and principles. Helmut felt there are still too many racial, class and cultural barriers among Americans for a true principle centered […]

Apr 2017 26

A Principle Centered Democracy?

Posted in America, Compassion, Democracy, Diversity, Equality

“We need a principle centered democracy.” “Are you kidding me?” said my friend Helmut. “There is no such thing. Politics is a blood sport. The nature of politics is warfare. Whoever is standing at the end is the winner.” “So you’re telling me that there’s no such thing? You’re telling me that an idea like […]

Apr 2017 21

“Beyond the Bed of Procrustes”

Posted in America, Democracy, Equality

The Bed of Procrustes has come to represent any attempt” to reduce men to one standard, one way of thinking, or one way of acting,” which is not only detrimental to the individual but ultimately undermines any nation, institution or organization which severs all opposing thoughts or actions which augments its long term vitality and […]

Jan 2017 20

Embracing the Legacy of Dr. M.L.King Jr: Serve, Advocate, Inspire!

Posted in Articles, Democracy, M.L.King Jr Life and Celebration, Speeches

 Embracing the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Serve, Advocate and Inspire! Delivered on January 16, 2017 City of Southfield Annual M L King Jr. Celebration Southfield, Michigan Carlyle Fielding Stewart III Introduction Good Morning People! This is a day that the Lord has made. Let us give thanks and rejoice today that we […]

Nov 2016 24

“Counting our Blessings.”

Posted in Articles

I heard a preacher once say “the most practiced arithmetic in the world should be counting our blessings.” He’s right! We should count our blessings each day, for indeed when all is said done, many of us are still in the plus column when it comes to our health, happiness, peace and personal prosperity. Though much has […]

Nov 2016 23

“Behold the Man!”

Posted in Articles, Black History, Great Souls, Leadership

“He is the first black man to be president of the United States; a man of dignity, integrity and quiet confidence. He is not the first president with African blood in his veins. At least three others preceded him in office. He is a good man, a family man and a learned man, a man […]

Oct 2016 25

What Americans Want!

Posted in America, Articles, Democracy, Diversity, Equality

Now that the great Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton for democratic candidate for President and the progressive political revolution will continue well into the future, is America ready for its first female president? My answer is a resounding “yes!” Americans are yearning,  Bernie and Jill Stein notwithstanding, for a serious political candidate who is […]

Sep 2016 20

Politics, the Pulpit and the People, Part I

Posted in Articles, Democracy, Movements, Religion, The African American Church

Originally Published by the Michigan Chronicle July 13-19, 2016 Many people believe that the church should stay out of politics and that politics should stay out of the church. This view stems partly from arguments for the separation of Church and State. “The phrase “separation of church and state” is generally traced to a January […]

Sep 2016 19

Politics, the Pulpit and the People, Part II

Posted in America, Articles, Christian Social Ethics, Religion, The African American Church

Originally published by the Michigan Chronicle August 10-16, 2016 Whether the church should become involved in politics is still hotly debated, but the truth is many persons of diverse religious backgrounds have been called to leadership in politics. Countless examples of people filling their religious duties and civic obligations with outstanding records of public service […]

Sep 2016 17

“Politics, the Pulpit and the People.” Part III

Posted in Articles, Democracy, Religion, The African American Church

-To truly understand the role of the church and its people in politics, we must remember the ministry of the historical Jesus which sets the tone for understanding the practice of religious faith and life in the world. While at times Jesus withdrew himself from the world for rest and prayer, he did not completely […]

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