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Sep 2016 19

Politics, the Pulpit and the People, Part II

Posted in America, Articles, Christian Social Ethics, Religion, The African American Church

Originally published by the Michigan Chronicle August 10-16, 2016 Whether the church should become involved in politics is still hotly debated, but the truth is many persons of diverse religious backgrounds have been called to leadership in politics. Countless examples of people filling their religious duties and civic obligations with outstanding records of public service […]

Sep 2016 17

“Politics, the Pulpit and the People.” Part III

Posted in Articles, Democracy, Religion, The African American Church

-To truly understand the role of the church and its people in politics, we must remember the ministry of the historical Jesus which sets the tone for understanding the practice of religious faith and life in the world. While at times Jesus withdrew himself from the world for rest and prayer, he did not completely […]

Aug 2016 06

Are We Ready for Hillary?

Posted in Articles, Democracy, Equality, Leadership

As we hurdle down the home stretch of this presidential election the question is who will be our next president? The people yearn for another serious political candidate who has surely experienced baptisms by fire, knows and understands the real critical issues facing all Americans and has a master plan for making America better. Americans […]

Jul 2016 27

“In An Era of Selfishness”

Posted in Articles, Big Business, Democracy

Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness,” affirms the right of the individual to live on his own terms and to not bow to the collectivist principles of altruism by serving the interests of others. Every person has a basic right to put first his own interests before the group’s interests, to pursue”the ends justifies the […]

Feb 2016 22

Why Black History is So Important, Part 2

Posted in Articles, Black History

Who are we? Why are we here? Where have we been? Where are we going? Why are many of us still confused about who we are and what we have contributed to America and world civilization? Declaring our true history often elicits ignorance and defensiveness from numerous blacks and whites because we have been taught […]

Sep 2015 05

Stop the Political Scapegoating!

Posted in America, Democracy, Election Cycles and Processes, Equality, Leadership

With all the political chicanery required in election politics how can prospective voters believe what politicians are saying to get their votes? Part of the political game is to say what people want to hear to grab their attention and galvanize their support. Donald Trump recently crossed the line when he publicly likened undocumented Latino, […]

Jul 2015 01

“The Power of Forgiveness.”

Posted in All Things Spiritual, Christian Social Ethics, Freedom

The past week people have been amazed and perplexed at the forgiveness offered to the murderer of the slain victims by their family members in Charleston South Carolina. Some have observed that such forgiveness is impossible to render given the horror of the crime, the depths of the family’s pain, the repetition of such horrendous […]

Jun 2015 04

“Enough of All The “God Hate Talk!”

Posted in All Things Spiritual, Peace, Religion

There is a basic difference between humbly seeking, serving and following God and self-righteously playing God! Many religious people appear to be the latter, where they use their religion to punish, condemn, ostracize and ultimately destroy others for being different or having views divergent from their own. When the so-called heretics do not live up […]

Jun 2015 01

So After All The Years of Struggle and All The Movements Which Have Fought for American Freedom, Do We Now Want to Surrender America’s Sovereignty With Another Free Trade Deal?

Posted in America, Articles, Democracy, Freedom

“Ok. Ok. Ok,” says Leo Getz to Murtaugh and Riggs in Lethal Weapon 2 to get their attention and clarify the meaning of the subject in question. So now after all of our trials and tribulations, the many thousands gone, the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have fought, bled and died for America’s freedom […]

May 2015 07

Give Credit to Baltimore Police

Posted in African American Communities, Articles, Police Relations

Although the six Baltimore Police officers have been accused of causing the death of Freddie Gray, few pundits have given credit to the Mayor, Chief of Police and the many officers for the way they handled the outbreaks of violence last week. Things could have turned out far worse had not the police largely handled […]

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