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“You Are Not Powerless!

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You are not powerless. You have the power to positively change your life.

First, move out of your “can’t do” mindset and begin seeing yourself doing the very thing that you don’t think you can do. Overcoming fear sometimes means doing the very thing that you are afraid to do. You have fixed images in your mind about the difficulty of the task. You have heard tales of the experiences of others, of how they tried and failed. You have stark memories of your own encounters with failure, and the resulting pain and misfortune has fueled your misgivings about trying again and seeking success. From failure can come success. By believing in yourself and applying yourself to the task at hand, you will be surprised that the fears you first imagined are not as formidable as you originally thought and can now be turned into stepping-stones to your dreams and goals.

Second, as you imagine yourself moving beyond your feelings of powerlessness, by doing the thing you once thought could not be done, transform the language you use in describing your realities and capacities. Instead of saying, “I can’t succeed,” or, “I won’t succeed,” or, “I can never do this or that,” begin saying, “I can do this,” and “I will succeed,” and “I can do the very things that I once thought I could not do.” Cultivate a new language of success which will help shape your present reality. Raise your own expectations about what you can do and go to it!

Even if you do not succeed as mightily as you planned, do not let the measure of success gained in your previous efforts limit your future efforts  as you try again. As you change your thinking, you change your speaking, and as you change your speaking, you change your headset about the power you have at hand.

Third, pray God’s strength. Ask God to help you overcome. God specializes in helping “under- goers” to become “over-comers.” Throughout the scripture you can see God’s repeated aim, to encourage us to overcome fear, doubt, and the usual constraints that hold us back and render us powerless. Think of the ways that God has enabled the powerless to feel a new sense of power. Whether it is the down and out, the weak and timid, those shrinking in faith and lacking hearty self-confidence, God is always speaking words of hope and uplift to those who feel they are powerless to positively change their lives. God is always making available the spirit of love and power that lifts weary souls out of the doldrums of “can’t do.”

So keep looking up. Keep moving up. If you fall down, get back up. Keep trying and never give up. Soon you will discover that you do have the power to make a difference and that you do have what it takes to move your life toward victory.

You are not powerless!

One response to ““You Are Not Powerless!”

  1. Dorothy Merchant Avatar
    Dorothy Merchant

    Dr. Stewart,
    I woke up early to have time with God. Decided afterwards to see what was going on in the world according to Carlyle.(smile) Your uplifting article was the “Folgers in my cup”. I know it is difficult to get others to synchronize with your vision of an unlimited God-driven life. I realize that saying it to deaf ears can be deafening to the spirit sometimes BUT
    I hope you never stop trying to be all you can be regardless. Nice to have you on the planet. God placed you among us to do what you are doing. Keep doing it. Of course, I know you will…
    P.S. Tomorrow’s another day and I think I will need more “Folger’s in my cup” for spiritual awakening.

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