Carlyle Fielding Stewart III

Writings on Democracy, Social Justice, and Religion

“Despite How You Have Been Sometimes Mistreated, Your Country Has Not Quit You So Be Careful Not To Quit Your Country!

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Much criticism and cynicism flourish these days about where America is truly headed. Some have given up all hope that America will ever become in reality what it professes to be as a nation on paper. The Three Great Documents of Freedom remain the cornerstones of our nation which began as a people centered Democracy and although America is not a perfect country ,it has in many sways still gallantly struggled to live up to its ideals of liberty and justice for all.

Many people are filled with fear and anxiety today about what the future holds but numbers of them have simply rolled up their sleeves, gotten off their duffs and are working very hard to make America even greater. They are meeting and marching and coming out of their cubicles, caves and enclaves to discuss and work for the kind of America they still want to see, hear and live in not only for themselves but the people they have been called to serve and represent, and their children, grandchildren and for many future generations.

The children and youths have taken up the causes of gun violence and other citizens are working to stabilize their economic conditions by establishing common ground through economic cooperatives and other ventures which help take care of people.

Everywhere we see a potpourri of activists working to reform and change the toxic climate of our nation both literally and figuratively.

Stories abound about individuals and organizations now woke who are doing everything in their power to ensure that America does not become a totalitarian, fascist, authoritarian nation of despots led by self-centered, politicians and their shadowy sponsors who don’t give a tinkers damn about the common good and are doing everything in their power to see that America goes backwards straight to hell because they refuse to change their wicked, wicked ways.

They talk a good game but do nothing to help everyday Americans. They want to take everything of value from the every man and woman and give it all away to greedy people who can never satisfy their blood lusts for more money and more wars and more strife and more conflict and more chaos and more hatred and more division and more confusion. They want nothing more than to bastardize American democracy and then orphan America the child.

So my statement is this: Although you may feel that your country has quit you because so much of life has been a struggle for basic dignity, basic subsistence and basic rights like good health care and gainful employment; and although it may seem at times that no one cares for you and you may even feel like a motherless child, whatever you see going on now and whatever you are feeling at this moment, and whatever outlandish and outrageous behavior you see from so-called leaders including those who seem to want nothing good for you or for others but just those of their “own kind,” and whatever exhaustion, frustration and depletion you are feeling at this time, and however much you want to give up, throw in the towel and believe the propaganda spewing from extreme, right-wing, misogynistic eliminationist talking heads and other folks, don’t ever believe that your country has quit you. Don’t ever believe that you don’t belong here and that America is not your country. You have come too far. You have worked too hard. Your people have shed too much blood and too many tears for too many years for you to give up on America or to give up on yourself. Don’t ever believe that the work that you are doing, the truth you are speaking, the good you are sharing and the dedication and commitment you are putting into making yourselves and the nation better is all in vain.

“Think critically. Speak truthfully. Work diligently. Pray constantly. Live faithfully.”

Don’t ever succumb to the idea that it is perfectly okay to give up on your country especially when you are making a difference in what you are doing however small or piecemeal it may appear, to make America a better nation for yourself and for others unlike yourself or less fortunate than yourself or much better off than yourself.

We must keep on working and never give up despite the ill will that is being constantly spread and the bad things that are said and done to make you feel that you are unworthy and unwanted as human beings and citizens of this nation.

This truth also applies to good politicians and public servants and entrepreneurs and big business, media persons and everyday people working hard to affirm our common ground and the common good by honestly serving the public, speaking the truth, taking care of their families and adding value to their communities and our nation and working hard to make a qualitative difference in America.

The bad behavior of a few leaders is not a true index or indicator of what most Americans still want and feel about their country. Don’t buy into the hype. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. Don’t drink the cool aid. Don’t give into defeatism and despair. Never, ever give up!

Some people want you to quit your country when your country has not quit you. That’s one of the biggest farces played on the people who have been here and still work here. Whatever you see and feel and hear in your country, be watchful, be careful, be mindful-keep your passport handy and be ready to make a move out of here if necessary when or if the real “stuff” hits the fan,  but remember that despite the rhetoric, the bad behavior and ill will, the venom and vitriol poisonously shouted at you, notwithstanding all that you are feeling inside right now, your country has not quit you so be cautious about quitting your country when America still needs you more than ever right now.

To use a biblical phrase cast your nets where you are. Launch out into the deep and keep giving your all to make it all better for all. This is my message to you today.

This is my country land that I love.

This is your country land that you love.

God strengthen America for everybody.

God bless us all as we seek to make America better for all.

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